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Excelcia Academia Faculty and Staff

Ms Unel
Role: Headmaster
Personality: Ms. Unel is a kind and caring person who loves all of her students. If you cross her, she will find a way to make your stay at the academy a living hell. Ms. Unel was a former teacher at the academy but was promoted due to the last headmaster retiring. Her goal is to make all students excel no matter what.
Major Glass
Role: Military Strategy teacher/PE teacher/Dean
Personality: Major Glass is a stickler for the rules. If you get out of line even one bit, he will chew you out and possibly fail you for the classes. He is a strict military commander but deep inside cares for all of his students. He believes the troublemakers are the ones that need his help the most and will try his hardest to lead his students to the right path ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Ms. Joshua
Role: Legislation Writing Teacher, Diplomatic Strategy teacher
Personality: She is a truly nice person and it takes so much to push her buttons. She loves teaching and will joke around with her students all the time. She barely ever gives detention and is a truly wonderful person to talk to when you need help

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