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Ibica-Keflistan Friendship Treaty

Treaty of Friendship
The United States of Ibica
The Republic of Keflistan

The United States of Ibica and Keflistan, desirous of strengthening the bonds of peace and friendship traditionally existing between them and of encouraging closer economic and cultural relations between their peoples, and being cognizant of the contributions which may be made toward these ends by arrangements encouraging mutually beneficial investments, promoting mutually advantageous commercial and cultural intercourse and otherwise establishing mutual rights and privileges, have resolved to conclude a Treaty of Friendship, based in general upon the principles of national and of most-favored-nation treatment unconditionally accorded.

Article I

  1. Any citizen or legal resident of either state may travel to either state for any reason excluding for education or work without attaining a visa for up to 180 days within any calendar year.

  2. Any citizen or legal resident of either nation is entitled to all the same rights and privileges of citizens of the other nation when present, excluding voting or being eligible for public office.

  3. Should any citizen or legal resident of either nation be legally detained in the other, the other nation's embassy shall be immediately notified, and the detained individual is entitled to assistance from their home nation's diplomatic representation.

  4. Any contract that is made in either nation shall be held valid and legally enforceable in either nation, so long as it complies with the relevant contract law in the nation in which it is sought to be enforced.

Article II

  1. Any corporation legally registered in either nation may operate in the other nation, subject to the same regulations as domestic companies.

  2. Trade between both nations shall be consider domestic for the purposes of taxation.

  3. Section (b) of this Article does not preclude imports from the other nation from inspection at customs or ports of entry for the purposes of prevention of contraband or law enforcement.

  4. Educational Institutions are permitted to operate in the other nation subject to the regulations on place for domestic institutions.

  5. Airlines of either nation are entitled to operate domestic routes in the other nation subject to the same regulation as domestic airlines.

  6. Licenses and certificates issued by appropriate bodies in either nation are to be recognized by the other.

  7. Licenses and Certifications covered by Section (f) include:

    1. Personal Driver's Licenses

    2. Commercial Driver's Licenses

    3. General Pilot's Licenses

    4. Commercial Pilot's Licenses

    5. Safety Certifications

    6. Occupational Licenses

    7. Educational Degrees, Diplomas, and Certifications

Article III

  1. The militaries of both nations shall cooperate whenever possible.

  2. Members of the Keflistan Armed Forces are permitted to attend the Academies of their counterpart branches in Ibica.

  3. Members and Ships of the Keflistani Navy are permitted to take part in patrols and task forces of the Ibican Navy based out of Keflistan or on the High Seas.

  4. The Ibican Armed Forces and Keflistan Armed Forces shall hold joint training exercises periodically.

  5. The Ibican Armed Forces shall maintain a military presence in Keflistan, with the aim of helping the Keflistani government to maintain stability.

  6. The Ibican Armed Forces will help to provide the Keflistani Armed Forces with Equipment and Training to help ensure Keflistani Stability.

  7. Should Keflistan be invaded or face insurrection, the Ibican Armed Forces are obligated to come to their aide.

Article IV

  1. The Law Enforcement agencies of both nations and their respective subdivisions shall cooperate whenever possible.

  2. Any person fleeing from justice in either country that is found to be in the other shall be detained and arraignments made to have the offender face justice.

  3. Any person detained subject the Section (b) is entitled to file an appeal against extradition within the other nation's judicial system.

  4. Either nation has the right to refuse an extradition request should the accused be suspected of something that is not a crime of the nation where they are found, OR should a judge find them to be facing some sort of danger following an appeal.

  5. The Intelligence agencies of both countries shall work together to advance mutual goals and share information.[/lisr]

    Ratified by the Senate of the United States of Ibica on the 12th of April 2021
    Approved by the Senate of Keflistan on the 11th of April 2021