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Cleves: The Unlucky TNPVer

The Unlucky TNPV History of the “Clevesian Empire”

Editions 1-3: Didn’t participate

Edition 4:

-Song: Fight Song by Rachel Platten
-Result: 11th Place

Edition 5:

-Song: Bad Guy by Billie Eilish
-Result: (Technically) 5th Place

Edition 6:

-Song: Into the Unknown by Idina Mendel and AURORA
-Result: 10th Place

Edition 7: Didn’t participate

Edition 8:

-Song: Battle Against a True Hero by Jenny
-Result: 16th Place (Semifinal 1 Only)

Edition 9: Didn’t participate

Edition 10:

-Song: A Million Dreams by Pink
-Result: 7th Place (Semifinal 1 only)

Edition 11:

-Song: Don’t Lose Your Head by Millie O’Connell
-Link: [unavailable]
-Result: 11th Place

Christmas Edition:

-Song: Where Are You Christmas? by Faith Hill
-Result: 14th Place

Edition 12:

-Song: Caramelldansen (originally) by the Caramella Girls, remixed by Turbo
-Result: 14th Place

Edition 13:

-Song: IL VENTO D'ORO - Remixed by Gabriele Motta
-Result: 16th Place

Edition 14: Didn’t participate (didn’t sign up in time)

Edition 15:

-Song: Redwood Tree by Cam
-Result: 10th Place

Edition 16:

-Song: Loyal Brave True by Christina Aguilera
-Result: 19th Place (without disqualifications)/17th? Place (with disqualifications), which is either way the worst TNPV result in Clevesian history! ;_;

Edition 17:

Forgot to enter (the empress was on vacation) :/

Edition 18:

-Song: Titanium by David Guetta ft. Sia
-Result: 5th Place

Edition 19:

I HOSTED!!!!!! :D

-Song: Survivor by Destiny’s Child
-Result: 3rd Place

Edition 20:

-Song: Confident by Demi Lovato
-Result: 14th Place

Edition 21:

Coming eventually…