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Black Skulls RP Factbook wip


The infamous pirate gang known as the Black Skulls first rose to power in the early 2200s, making a name for itself as deadly raiders across the Belter regions of Sol. For a time, they were an uncontested force, even taking control of many other gangs and criminal organizations in the Belt. Their widespread influence eventually drew the attention of the Elysian Guild, who responded with an aggressive anti-pirate campaign that lasted two whole decades. This conflict (known as the Belter Pirate Raids) virtually erased crime in the Belt, with many of the pirate gangs either apprehended or destroyed. The Black Skulls were dealt a crushing blow by the Guild, scattered across the system and beyond. It was assumed that their leader had been killed in the war, but it was never confirmed.

Unknown to the Guild, the Black Skulls survived, hiding in the shadows as they waited for their moment to rise again. The unseen leader of the pirate gang had been gaining influence across the system, offering his services as a freelancer. Though none knew of his true identity, the pirate became a well known member of the freelancer community growing within the Belt: Nikolai "Deadeye" Chernakov. The Gunslinger. As Chernakov secretly gathered followers in Sol, the rest of his gang was rebuilding its strength on the outskirts of the system, rallying more and more pirates to their cause. When the time finally came, Chernakov had an army of freelancers by his side, and along with his new pirate fleet, he stormed Elysium Island, taking the Guild by complete surprise. This devastating attack forced the remnants of the Guild's military to abandon the colony in a vain effort to save themselves.

Having driven the Guild out of Sol, the resurgent Black Skulls claimed Elysium as their own colony, taking control of all that the Guild left behind- weapons, robots, ships, satellites. The old colony possessed a wealth of technology, and so the Black Skulls would use this to start their new pirate empire. Once a mining colony, then a war machine, Elysium now became a den of thieves, soon to be a criminal hotspot in Sol.

Territory & Population

Elysium sits amidst the oceans of Mars, the planet's largest island. Since the fall of the Guild, the Black Skulls have returned in force to occupy the former Guild colony, nearly tripling the numbers they once had. Although their own ranks surpass 100,000, that doesn't even begin to account for all the freelancers and criminals who take refuge within their colony. Much of what Elysium used to be under the Guild still remains, albeit more run-down. The cities have been ransacked and torn apart, rebuilt into pirate forts and bases. The Black Skulls control many of the Guild's former assets, including Terminus Station- a massive space station that sits in geosynchronous orbit above the island. The station serves as the gateway to Elysium as well as a vital asset for the pirates' fleet.

Major Industries & Scientific Advancement

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Scientific Advancement Levels

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