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Character Profile: Anqanina

Name: Anqanina

Backstory: Anqanina was born into nobility, being taught many things growing up, like the language, how to count, read, write, weave, create jewelry, and many more things, as she was an only child and her parents hoped for her to be a weaver, as there is always need for skilled weavers. However, Anqanina decided early on that the life of a weaver was not for her, and despite showing astounding talent for it, decided she would instead pursue the art of war. Her family reluctantly allowed her to pursue this path, and established a name for herself as ruthless, ambitious, and slightly bloodthirsty.

General Information: Anqanina is a generally quiet person, a woman of few words. She hates needless communication, wasted time, and inefficiency. However, she does have a taste for the finer things in life, and does enjoy the extravagant displays of status shown by other nobles and the Sapa Inca. Many others who know her from a distance may believe believe that Anqanina is nothing but a ruthless killer, but the few that she is close to appreciate the Anqanina that cares for her chosen favorites with the utmost diligence and passion.

Anqanina holds other people at a distance unless they are family, and keeps only a few close friends around. She is fiercely independent, and values her own freedom above all else.

Appearance: Anqanina is just about average-height and on the more muscular side, with long, dark hair that is parted at the middle. She wears the front section of her hair in ponytails, with golden beads and eagle feathers as ornamentation holding the hairs together. The rest of her hair is loose. Her eyes are dark brown

Despite her elevated status, Anqanina generally wears a black dress woven by her own hand, which is threaded with her favorite pattern to weave in a fine gold thread. Around her waist is a sash, with the repeating pattern of her current rank in the military. She wears a long, red mantle, which is fastened around her neck by a large golden eagle. As any other noble of her status, she wears a lot of gold jewelry.