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Presidential Elections in Tularosa

It's no secret that Tularosa is a democracy. Therefore, every four years, Tularosa will hold an election to decide its President. The President has a term limit of two terms, which can be consecutive or not. Which is actually different from the other Texan Republics, which force a President's two terms to be non consecutive, as it was political tradition when Texas was originally one united, independent republic. Tularosa has four Government Branches. The Representative's House, the Senate's House, the Judiciary's House, and the Executive's House (AKA The President and their Cabinet). All four contribute when the nation passes or repeals laws and bills. despite only one branch being able to vote in the Presidential Elections, that being the Senate. Elections last 1 month (November 1st–December 1st) as opposed to the one or few days in the US. Tularosa is divided into 11 Departments, with each one only having 2 Senators that decide the Departments' votes on the Election. But the two Senators in the same Department can vote separately, meaning a Department can have one 1 senator vote one party and the 2nd senator vote another party. If this occurs, the Department does not give two votes to one party, but instead, one each to the two parties the Senators voted for. Though the last time this happened in a Presidential Election was in 1978. The Senators are voted in by the people, in fact directly, going by the percentage of citizens that voted for them, instead of a smaller group of representatives. They are only allowed terms that last 2 years, but they can be elected 4 times. This also applies to Representatives of the Departments, and City/Town mayors. The only exceptions are Judges in the Judiciary's House and County Judges, which are appointed by a small council instead. The most recent Election (which was in 2018) had PLP Candidate Beto O'Rourke win the election. The next election will begin in 2022. So far as of April 2021, no official candidate nominee has been announced for the other four national parties, but potential candidates have arose to attempt a run for nomination in their respective parties. The five parties of Tularosa are
The National Conservative Party (NCP)
The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP)
The Freedom Libertarian Party (FLP)
The Tularosan Farmer's Party (TFP)
The Environmental Green Party (EGP)
While a much more diverse set of Parties compared the power of the Continent, that being the United States, only the NCP, PLP, and FLP have won any Presidential Elections, while the TFP and EGP have not. As not only are they much newer parties relative to the other three, but are also seen as just unnecessary off shoots of the Conservative and Progressive parties. But the Greens and Farmers do win occasionally in more local governments.