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Announcements regarding the refendum about the candidate states for the Warsaw Pact membership:

The Commander of The United Armed Forces of The Warsaw Pact, Siemowit Moróz has accepted the following candidacies for referendum to join the Warsaw Pact:
- Libya
- Palestine
- Spain
- Yemen
- Angola
- Korea
- Mozambique
- India
- Kampuchea
- Vietnam
- Malta

The referendum will be held on 18 April, in all Warsaw Pact member states: Poland, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and Greece. Everyone of age 18 and more will be allowed to vote. Electronic voting will be also possible. Three best countries will be accepted to the Warsaw Pact.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh dies at the age of 99.

Warsaw Pact - Soviet relations are getting better.

Polish-Hungarian-Libyan Mars landing mission planned for May 2021.

The Football Socintern Cup 2021 will start on May 1. Thailand will be the host. Poland is in Group D with Bulgaria, Burma and Mongolia.