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Information for Voters: Commend Marrabuk

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This proposal recognizes [nation]Marrabuk[/nation] for extensive contributions to [region]The East Pacific[/region]'s government and community. 


The proposal presents a robust analysis of [nation]Marrabuk[/nation]'s contributions to [region]The East Pacific[/region] in the areas of Foreign Affairs, role playing, and restarting regional activity in the aftermath of the coup by [nation]Fedele[/nation] (which was briefly discussed in the [url=]Information for Voters on Condemn Scardino[/url]). To understand the context for this proposal and Marrabuk's contributions, it is important to understand the context of Fedele's coup. Throughout most of 2019, Fedele was the legitimate elected Delegate of [region]The East Pacific[/region] and during this time Fedele strategically hollowed out and diminished activity within the region to make it easier for his Cabal to cling to power and, if needs be (as it did end up needing to be), coup the region. Marrabuk was the candidate who defeated Fedele's chosen successor [nation]Davelands[/nation] in the Delegate election in late 2019, and then subsequently was the Delegate who Fedele refused to allow a smooth transition of power towards. Examples of how Fedele diminished activity can be seen in the diminished numbers of Magisters (legislators) and Viziers (security agents) in the East during his 3 terms, and Fedele's strategic decision to diminish diplomatic relations with other regions. 

After Fedele's tenure, Marrabuk rose to the occasion of rebuilding The East Pacific and its foreign affairs with distinction, as outlined in the proposal. Broadly, Marrabuk provided strong centralized executive leadership within The East Pacific throughout its two terms as Delegate. In the area of Foreign Affairs, Marrabuk redesigned the internal structure of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (as explained in the "Applauding" clause) and repaired relationships harmed by Fedele's governments, including reopening the East's embassy with [region]10000 Islands[/region] and eventually upgrading this to a treaty alliance, signing a treaty with [region]Balder[/region], beginning relations with [region]Thaecia[/region], and restarting relations with [region]Osiris[/region]. Some have argued that since some of these changes (notably thawing relations with [region]Osiris[/region] and the structuring of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) were reversed by Marrabuk's successor they should not be included, however ultimately this ignores the good work that these changes did during the time Marrabuk was Delegate. In the area of security, Fedele's tenure had abused the Vizier appointment system in TEP to leave it without high endorsement and influence nations to repel and put down a coup effort. As a result, Marrabuk appointed new Viziers who were trusted in the community and lowered TEP's endorsement cap in order to better protect against future coups, thus providing a protecting bulwark against future coup efforts. Further, Marrabuk's term saw the revitalization of the East Pacific News Service (EPNS), which had previously not been operational for many years and served as a publication representing the interests of the East Pacific. 

Independently of Marrabuk's tenure as Delegate and rebuilding after the coup, the Cognisant clause recognizes Marrabuk's meaningful contributions to TEP's RMB and role playing community, a complement to the government work highlighted in the first chunk of the proposal which supports the broader theme of the proposal in highlighting Marrabuk's contributions to TEP collectively. In this discussion of Marrabuk's commendability for contributions to The East Pacific, it is also noteworthy from a Refugi perspective that The East Pacific is [url=]an embassy partner[/url] of Refugia.

Another criticism raised of the proposal was that the final clause is overstating Marrabuk's impact in saying that the actions listed "had an extremely positive impact on NationStates as a whole", noting that the impact was likely limited to The East Pacific. While there is validity to this criticism, and it's possible the final clause overstretches, the clause clearly says this impact was based on TEP's positive impact on the world, and having a democratically-oriented and culturally vibrant game created region does have a meaningful positive impact on the global community. Further, this does not alone merit voting against the proposal. 


Recognizing the strong construction of this proposal to Commend Marrabuk for its contributions to the security, foreign affairs, publications, and role playing community of [region]The East Pacific[/region], an embassy region of Refugia, [b]the Security Council Correspondent to the Refugia Councillor of World Assembly Affairs recommends voting [u][color=green]for[/color][/u] Commend Marrabuk[/b].


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