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Sign up for the South Pacific Special Forces!

Welcome to the South Pacific Special Forces

Who are we?
The South Pacific Special Forces (SPSF) is the official military of the Coalition of the South Pacific. We are the first line of defense against foreign threats that endanger the sovereignty and stability of the Coalition and to project and protect its foreign affairs interests abroad on the inter-regional arena via participation in the Raiding/Defending (R/D) game of NationStates.

What is Raiding/Defending?
Raiding/Defending, or R/D, or military gameplay is one of the most important aspects of NationStates gameplay. It involves using the game's mechanic to allow a group of people to invade and take over a region or prevent that from happening.

Each region have a delegate along with regional officers, those are the nations that hold significant power in the region, they can change the flag, the world factbook entry, suppress message posts, eject and ban nations, establish embassies,... A nation will be automatically appointed as delegate of a region when it has the most endorsements in the region. In R/D, a bunch of nations from outside rush into a region, somehow collect enough endorsements to coup and take over the current delegate of the region. After gaining the delegacy, it is all the matter of fun as now you have the ultimate power.

The R/D game requires you to act and think like a real world soldier or officer. It is fast-paced and Adrenaline-packed, contains a great deal of militarily thinking and actions. R/D is what truly different from other activities of the game such as issue answering or role-playing, which are slow-paced and require you to enjoy and be really good at reading and writing. Also, R/D is one of the easiest paths to gain recognition in the game. R/D is highly organized, like-minded players can cooperate and create military organizations that usually have proper ranking structure like real-life military and can engage in all sort of operations. By being a good soldier and helping a military operation successes, you can climb up the ranks, be promoted to higher positions, where you would start to plan and lead operations on your own, and if you successfully do so, you can gain recognition and respects from everyone in the game. If you are looking for something that doesn't revolve around just reading and writing, and you really like military-related stuffs, R/D is the thing for you.

Where is the SPSF in the world of R/D?
The SPSF very actively engages in R/D. It is a defender military, meaning its primary mission is to defend both the South Pacific as well as vulnerable foreign regions from threats. It is the most active of all game-created region's militaries (We don't hyperbole, there are numbers to prove that). Despite being small, it has some of the most skilled players, competent leaders and in-depth training courses in NationStates.

Joining let you:
  • Contribute to the security and prosperity of the South Pacific

  • Hang out with and have fun with a group of cool new people

  • Get the training that makes you an elite member of one of the best militaries in the game

  • Explore NationStates through the exhilarating and fast paced world of updates

  • Be part of a community and culture that is creative and vibrant

  • Gain military ranks and badges that showcase your rise in the South Pacific and the R/D world

  • Engage in roleplays and non-update games, contests, and competitions such as the R\D Olympics

How Do I Join The SPSF?

Please read this part carefully!

The SPSF is divided into two divisions:

  • Tsunami Force:
    This division contains members that will directly fight on the front-line, those who raid, liberate, defense,... at when known as "update time" of the game (12PM and 12AM EST). You need to be able to be online at 12PM or 12AM EST in order to join this division. Because you will fight on the front-line, you will need more dedicated training than members in the second division.

  • Tidal Force:
    Members who want to help out but can't be or don't want to be online at 12PM/ 12AM EST and don't like in-depth training can join this division. Members of this division are those that will help strengthen our stronghold in missions that require occupation such as raids or liberations. Also, the Reserve force can do simple operations that don't require the Tsunami Force such as raids on regions that don't possess a strong-enough defensive capability. No in-depth training is required and a dispatch with instructions is enough to know how to carry out your duty.

Joining the Tidal Force

It is easy, just read and follow this dispatch on how to do it. The dispatch also contains everything you need to know in order to carry out your duty as a reservist. You can stop reading from here if you want to join the Reserve.

Joining the Tsunami Force

The steps:

After you have done

After you have submitted the application in that forum thread, just wait for a few hours and you will receive the result on whether you are accepted or not in this thread and in your nation's telegram box.

In the mean time, you can do the following to learn more about us:

After being accepted into the Updater force, you will be put on training about the basis of R/D and how to take part in various kinds of operations by an officer, commander, general, or the Minister of Defense (MoD). The training is not hard and usually happens 1 hour before 12AM or 12PM EST on the day that you choose.

If you have any questions, read our FAQ first, if that doesn't solve your question, contact the Minister of Defense (MoD) Emodea (nooM#5541) or Generals Roavin (Roavin#5410), Nakarisaune (Nakari#3538), or Witchcraft and Sorcery (WynkenBlynken#1150) either via telegram or via their Discord account.