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World Assembly Policy

The following details the World Assembly Policy within the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators.


World Assembly membership is strongly encouraged in the Confederation. All nations who are eligible to join are urged to do so, as this strengthens the region's influence in international affairs.

WA Membership is also a requirement to participate in Imperial Senate voting and elections, and a prerequisite for holding any government office within the Confederation.


The Confederation's World Assembly Delegate is The Empire of ShrewLlamaLand.

This office is under the permanent administration of the Lady of Loathing, as the Confederation's Commission to the World Assembly.


All WA nations within the Confederation are required to endorse ShrewLlamaLand as WA Delegate.

WA nations are also encouraged to endorse all other nations who hold seats on the Imperial Council, as well as to exchange endorsements between each other. Each endorsement increases the Confederation's overall influence rating, and improves our regional security.


In general, the Confederation is strongly opposed to the enormous influence that a few influental magnates serving as WA Delegates of large regions exert over the voting process. In any given vote, the top two-tenths of one percent of voting nations control up to 50% of the votes cast. This represents a grotesque level of inequality between nations, and regions, of the World Assembly and allows a powerful few to exert excessive control over the relatively powerless many. As a result, the Confederation is strongly against the so-called "WA Elite" and the current WA voting process.

To counteract this, all Confederation nations are encouraged to participate in the World Assembly voting process. In general, nations are strongly encouraged to follow the vote of our WA Delegate in both the General Assembly and Security Council, but this is not a strict requirement and nations who feel strongly about a given resolution are permitted a conscience vote.

However, occasionally a proposal that may result in a significant impact on the Confederation, the Confederation Constiution, or our regional community may come to vote. In this case, all nations will be required to follow the vote of the WA Delegate, and will be notified by the Imperial Council on the RMB and via telegram. Failure to follow the vote of the Delegate will result in consequences for offending nations.


An endorsement cap is currently enforced within the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators.

Three separate limits exist, and are based on the current endorsement counts of ShrewLlamaLand, as WA Delegate. Note that these are fluid and may vary over time, to allow for the caps to automatically increase as the Confederation continues to grow.

  • The endorsement cap for Imperial Council nations is set at three-quarters of the WA Delegate's endorsement count.

  • The endorsement cap for nations endorsing the WA Delegate is set at one-half of the WA Delegate's endorsement count.

  • The endorsement cap for nations NOT endorsing the WA Delegate is set at one-tenth of the WA Delegate's endorsement count.

Nations who exceed the endorsement cap will first be warned by the Imperial Council. Those who do not take reasonable action to reduce their endorsement count below the cap may be subject to investigation by Inqusitional Hearing, or ejected (not banned) from the Confederation before a regional update in order to reset their endorsement count.


The following sign as to the legitimacy of this document as the World Assembly Policy of the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators:

Elain Curronfold (ShrewLlamaLand)
Lady of Loathing
on behalf of

Authorised for public distribution by:
Office of the Lady of Loathing, Confedereichstag II
Last amended 30 March 2021