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by The Dieresis-Holy Empire of Wochaystein. . 6 reads.

The City of Krofen

Note: Stand (literally 'estate') is the official Wochaysteiner term for its cities


Raban Arbeit
The city of Krofen contains castles and picturesque landscapes. Its people are very traditional and sociable. But social-darwinistic types will not enjoy this idyllic life. The Krofeners are willing to help people in need, even if they are also parochial like the rest of the Wochaysteiners. In relative terms, one can encounter more women working there.

However, living here is more expensive. A woman will be hard-pressed to be completely dedicated as housekeeper and at the same time be in a comfortable situation. They have nice homes, but both husband and wife have to work to maintain their way of life.