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Weekly Newspaper- 28.03.2021

Edition 3
Issue VII
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Upcoming Security Council Proposal

The recent proposal for commendation on NationStates is being discussed at the Security Council NS Forums. Honeydewistania has put forward the proposal to commend Ellenburg. The porposal appreciated the political career of Ellenburg, which is 15 years long, where the nation served Autropolis as WA Delegate. They further appreciate the efforts of the nation in establishing URA, an interregional alliance.

CM Elections in CoL

With the upcoming Chief Minister elections in Confederacy of Layem nominations have been filled for the same. Mauroa have also released their election manifesto promising to hold interregional events in the region along with good recruitment for the region.

TGW Appreciates TBH on New Record

The Grey Wardens in official post appreciated The Black Hawks for the quickest update mission. The major update, TBH only lasted 11 minutes and only managed to get three victories. The post said, "Even if we are on opposite sides of R/D alignment, TGW will always continue to recognize any raider effort even if it is small. Hence, We would like to officially congratulate The Black Hawks for breaking a record in updating history." The last time TBH only managed twelve minutes without any victories.

Majority Nations of TUODS Not Happy With Constitution

In poll held by local newspaper of The Union of Democratic States majority of the nations feel are not satisfied with the constitution. Many nations feel confident on particular draft and wish it to replace the constitution of the region.

WA Blocs Vote Against 'Condemn Scardino'

The North Pacific and Partnership for Sovereignty have proposed to vote against the Condemn Scardino. Proposals such as this try to present themselves as an international criticism but the nation does not regard it seriously and many times it profits the nations as badge of honor.

POS said that, "The Security Council proposal Condemn Scardino addresses a nation with a longtime career of raiding while offering dubious quality writing. Regardless of the author's intentions, this proposal does nothing more than offer a desired badge of honor to the nominee who openly mocks any serious points of condemnation within the proposal." While TNP detailed that, "While the actions detailed in this proposal certainly show a pattern of behavior continued over a long time span, this proposal fails in two key ways. First off, the proposal shoots for a condemn that properly encapsulates the nominee's history, but fails in this regard. The proposal fails to properly detail much of the raiding in many parts of the proposal, instead favoring a detailed recounting of the most recent coup of TEP, which was an abject failure. As a result, the proposal is left with a stunted argument on one end and an incomplete one on the other." More than 75% of the nations have voted against the mentioned proposal.

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