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Refugia Eco-Report, March 2021

Photo Credit: Refuge Isle


An'eth'ara, na lethall’en!



Well here we are! Sorry about taking so long in making a new Eco-Report, the last one was way back on January 5th, while I’ve been holding this office for over a month now. As stated in Refuge Isle’s previous report, we’re still in the process of rebuilding our staff of surveyists and carbon enthusiasts, and that’s taken a lot of time and distinct effort, but things are progressing well enough. We’re starting to get full reports back on a regular basis, which means those reports should be passed along to you in good time.

To those first-time readers, the Refugia Eco-Report is a requirement put on the Councillor of Culture by RRS 6(c)(i) to be released periodically. It contains information on the regional progress toward our stated environmental goals, while also possibly presenting advice and environmental news to those people who are interested. Given that we're advertised as a region made up heavily of eco-socialist hippy types, I imagine that's all of us. So, without further ado, let's dive right in.

First up, we have Eco-Friendliness (click the graph to the right for a larger image). As you can see, Refugi have made incredible progress in the area of Eco-Friendliness since the beginning of the year, and it seems highly likely we’ll be passing our year goal of 3200 average Eco-Friendliness in extremely short time. To summarise the data provided in the image, on January 1, 2021, Refugia’s average Eco-Friendliness score was 2,213.71, approximately 987 points away from our goal. After only the first quarter of the year, we have reached an average score of 2,902.98, just under 297 points away from the goal. It is important to keep in mind that this has grown and developed alongside a rapid boost in regional population. As that growth has not overly affected our progress, expect this goal to be shattered before the end of summer!

Environmental Beauty


Next, we will address Environmental Beauty (again, click the image to the right for a larger graph), for which our regional goal was 1100. Much like what we saw with the Eco-Friendliness score, Environmental Beauty has been progressing rapidly throughout the beginning of 2021. Aside from a few small dips (aligning with large recruitment spikes), our region has been experiencing constant growth. At the beginning of the year, we had an average regional Environmental Beauty score of 848.83, approximately 252 points away from our goal. And as of writing this report, we are sitting at an average of 971.01, just under 129 points from our goal. This means that in three months, Refugia’s average Environmental Beauty score has risen 122 points, almost halving the distance in just a quarter of the time allotted. With steady progress like we’ve been experiencing, expect this goal to also be met by the end of summer.

There are, as you might imagine, many people in the community who can be thanked for the extreme growth in both of these stats. But for the moment, I want to point out two in particular who have shown incredible growth over short periods of time.

First off, Nerdy tangent, a Refugi who joined our community last autumn, has shown a Link10-day period of fantastic growth in his Eco-Friendliness score. Between March 8, 2021 and March 18, his Eco-Friendliness score skyrocketed from 1,132.8 to 1,790.43, a growth of 657 points! Putting his tireless involvement in our community activities and extremely sunny and positive presence, his contribution to our regional goals couldn’t be overlooked.

Another Refugi worthy of pointing out is Lower French Gregballs who moved into the region last autumn. On top of being an active and involved member of the gameside community, Gregballs boasts the 15th-highest Eco-Friendliness score in the region. One issue in particular in February Linkboosted their Eco-Friendliness score by 1300 points!. This goes to show the benefits of regularly and constantly answering issues.

Environmental News

I fear I don’t have any long and winding monologues for you all to read this month. I’m still getting some of those together, but they will be in supply soon enough. Instead, I will leave you with some recent environmentally-based articles.

First, an article on Linkthe Canadian carbon tax being ruled constitutional by our Supreme Court. In 2018, the Liberal (then) majority in Parliament enacted a carbon tax to charge our top polluters. There was no end to political pushback (by the Conservative Party) and various big businesses. Even an entire province which will remain unnamed. It could be better, but at least we can be content that this step won’t be taken away.

LinkThis article on the impact of different modes of transportation on the environment comes out of the EU. It addresses the Transport and Environment Report from 2020, and makes a compelling case for taking public transportation over your own single-user vehicle whenever possible. While that might not be the most groundbreaking, the information they report on comparing train and air travel is interesting.

Finally, an article about Linkan Icelandic climate activist speaking on his book. The postscript of the book, added for the latest round of translations, ends- alongside my last Eco-Report- in May of 2020, looking hopefully at the climate upsides to Covid-related lockdowns. He reflects on those findings for the interview.

As always, if you have interesting environmental stories, news, tips you’d like to see an article centred around, or any questions, feel free to message me at any time! Thanks so much for reading.

Sule tael tasalal, dar'eth shiral,
Sylh Alanor