by Max Barry

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by The People's Federation of South Reinkalistan. . 512 reads.

Chapter 1

Whence from, and where to?

Who are we? What do we want? Why are we here?

We are Reinkalistan. We want world revolution and the emancipation of man. We are here to achieve that. No more, no less. It's that simple; it's always been that simple. There are those who like to ponder our motives. There are those who decry us as fraudulent, as a power-hungry despotate with a hunger to despoil their homes. It's all pointless. It doesn't matter. Their words don't change the truth, and so we will not heed them. We will march on regardless, with the false condemnations and the weakened blows of the OLD WORLD doing nothing to impede our determination.

A nation as one. Three hundred million souls all bound by our spiritual-socialist society, the upper bounds of human consciousness unlocked and explored to their utmost potential. Indeed, we are many; and we are as one. We are free. The Revolution has still not stopped; it will never stop. Not until all are free like us, broken from their chains like us. Emancipated like us. So you are presented, ultimately, with the choice: either accept our benevolence, or face our armies. It is up to you to choose a side, and it is up to you to experience the consequences.

So, then. Shall we get started?

First and foremost: what is Vanguardism? Simply-put, it is the scientific religion which stipulates the doctrine of the liberation of the proletariat. The Federation is a Vanguardist society, led by the Reinkalistani Communist Party. The Party is imbued with the very essence of the will of the masses. It represents the culmination of our hopes and our dreams. Of our strengths and our weaknesses. Our love and our passion. It is us, the people, in abstract. It is the bastion of the SUPERSESSION, forever performing divine ordinance to cut the chains which ever seek to enslave us.

To be a Vanguardist, you must first put absolute faith in the Party. You do not think it will achieve Communism, you do not hope it will achieve Communism: you know it will achieve Communism. You know because you know, in the same way that you are because you are. Like the old Descartesian motif, «Cogito, Ergo Sum»; I think therefore I am. Or perhaps more fitting, «Cogitamus, Ergo Sumus.» We think therefore we are. Alone we are nothing, the ego's historical irrelevance representing a tiny fraction of what truly matters, that which can be thrown to the wind. It is only as a mass that we find meaning. Except it is even more basic than that. We do not need to be thinking. We merely need to be. And as the Party is, so are we.

Sumus, ergo sumus. It's just that simple.

The world we are in is a vast one, one torn into two. A nice, neat little faultline spanning two continents, setting a clear boundary between the forces of Vanguardism and those of Northern "Liberal Democracy". The continent of Askander, a mere four decades ago dominated by the IRON REPUBLIC OF KAYASTADT, is now split between Red and Blue by the D'AILLOUSTRE SEA. Where the boots of the KAYAHEER had once been, there now stands the UNITED PROLETARIAN RED ARMY of the FIFTH INTERNATIONAL, faced off against the various land forces of the NORTH ASKANDER DEFENSE LEAGUE.

At the end of the day, our societies are irreconcilable. Even if both of us wanted peace, we would not have it. The forces behind our antithesis subsume our own wills, overpowering them despite emerging from our own volition and our own initiative. The only test worth taking is that offered by the tides of history and the winds of time, stripping from all human phenomena the fleshy meaningfulness and reducing us all to our bare statistical necessities. Only from this perspective can we understand the logical, scientific truth of human history: that the victory of the New World is an inevitability and that we are entering the final struggle for the victory of the Proletariat. Thus; our shoulders are unburdened and our souls are free as we face the enemy, whose capitalist rot has made them decadent and fruitless.

We live a life without colour, and we are happy. The Commissar knocks on the door in benevolence; the whip cracks out of love! It is our duty to accept this punishment, our privilege to witness the fruits it will bear. To this end, the Party has established the OFFICE FOR IDEOLOGY to protect us from the reaction and revision within and without. The enemy is strong, but we are stronger. We submit our very selves to the will of the Supersession and the New World. The Vanguard is stronger for it. We are stronger for it.

So assail our fortifications, o' reactionaries! We are ready, your imperialist assaults meeting the stalwart resistance of a united people, all with one goal and one outlook: the obliteration of your inferior societies, and the ascendance of man to his utmost. You tramplers of the people, who sit on your mountains of wealth in extravagant decadence; who enjoy your luxuries upon the masses of enslaved labourers, pinned beneath the boot of the policeman and soldiers. Fear us! For this revolutionary terror, this wave of enlightenment cascading and washing away the old, shall see your property seized and your heads on pikes.

Reinkalistan lives. Vanguardism shines. Eternity beckons.