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Comprehensive Puppet List (OOC)

(Because my sig couldn't fit any more if I wanted to make them)
(Also formatted because boredom is one helluva drug)



      A disorganized, recently-united confederacy of far past-tech (circa ~900 BCE) nomadic peoples, descended from a singular Abraham-esque ethnic forebear; tied together both by their common heritage, cultural senses of loyalty, and an oncoming, centuries-long conflict with an imperial state headed by polytheistic sun-worshippers. Led by someone very, very out of her depth, but trying very hard to lead her people to greatness nonetheless. The nation I'm most notable for, slowly being rebuilt into something that represents my current technical ability and not a holdover from my earlier days.


    • The main account, ooh!

    • Wasn't originally like that, eh.

    • Still pretty cool, though!

    • Is constantly compared to Mongolia when the far, far more accurate comparison of the Scythian peoples is a thing that exists. Which... sort of accurate, but it's primarily an aesthetic one. I can rant about it if you'd like.

    • Currently host to my single largest factbook, which has something like 14410 words and hits the dispatch character limit.



      Can't write much here because OA doesn't currently have content, per se- however, the basic concept is more or less a semi-open, isolationist state with a poorly industrialized economy and nothing in the way of an economy trying to subsist in a world where colonialism didn't go quite as far as our own and as a result the intensity of Cold-War-esque conflicts has more or less gone through the roof. The "Outer" bit isn't included in the IC name; it's just Acharet there.


    • The old main account, from back when I didn't have a clue.

    • Currently being retconned, going from flat MT vaguely uninteresting dysfunctional republic to a schizo-ideology semi-dictatorial parliamentary "democracy" in the far north of a Strangereal-style world.

    • The retcon will probs never be done.

    • When it is done, though, we'll finally be bringing military dictatorships back to the great northwest where they belong, nature healing as it rightfully should. Nice.



      An abandoned space habitat floating free in the void, refitted and refurbished by the current cast of characters from a run-down piece of [REDACTED] held together by masking tape and hope to the point where they can now proudly say all the masking tape's been pulled off and replaced with duct tape. Intended as an exploration of life in the "intermediate" period of CBG Palisade and Liam's Reach's background canon, when humanity was more or less still united under the powers that be that flung them off old Earth and into the void. To quote, "though it has a certain romanticism to it, [Miranda-22 is] a highly cursed dystopia."


    • Fueled entirely by Cherryh, Ecklar, Fish, Sutton, and the song Space Asshole.

    • Incredibly drunk as a result of all the space bar songs that go down.

    • Yes, the second of the primary banners is the SS13 clown. *honk*.

    • The alcoholism Bert entertains among his patrons is not a joke, guys, please, it's a serious issue and we shouldn't be making light of it- haha, funi sad man with bottle gun go glug



      A region of space known ICly as Liam's Reach in a firm-FT/PMT setting, currently embroiled in civil war as a result of [PLOT] and [SPOILERS]. Also quite literally my largest project to date- an attempt at making a massive, multi-faction nation on this site, the operative word being attempt. With everything I have planned I'm less than ten percent done with it. No real overview fits here- it's too big to effectively overview, and so I can only point you in the direction of an actual introduction.


    • More or less just a place for me to spam vague notes on culture in a society completely divorced from the concept of a planet.

    • Oh, and to spam my collection of 80's Soviet music and Huey Lewis.

    • Has, among other things, an Air Force Star-Navy colonel trying to force his daughter into being a Tsarina-imitator a thousand years after the last Tsar's death, b u r e a u c r a c y, anarcho-syndicalists in SPACE, your cool gay uncle, and nationalist AIs with far too large of an operational budget.

    • The only nation I've ever made to break 10K words in a single factbook and not be anywhere close to done with- I have a problem. Send help. Edit: I have now done this with Kiu Ghesik. God save me.



      A rest-point for whaling ships and trading vessels on the farthest frontiers of the high seas alike, Port Yeshobel and its larger territory, the Albish Dominions of the Regina Islands, exist a hundred years in the past relative to Outer Acharet's setting as an explanation of the factors developing the broader state of affairs present in its "modern day" and how several hellholes in that setting came to be. Because I can't write a single non-dystopic nation. Ever.


    • Its point in OA's background canon is during the early rise of monarcho-fascism in the Europe analogue and the wars of the canon's 1800s. That way I can blare Tennessee Ernie Ford and Woody Guthrie and not just He's a Pirate.

    • Despite the name, the Albish state is not actually a Britain analogue. It's a Brittany analogue in terms of geographical location, acting as something of a cross between Belgium and Portugal's role during the colonial period- pushing the frontier as the larger empires swell up behind them and take what they once "owned".

    • There aren't actually any pirates in the Reginas. Not anymore.

    • It exists. LinkYou know what to do.

  • Note that most of my puppets are located in The KG Puppet Hole. I have one or two outside of there but they're currently laying low and will be moved into the region when I'm ready to work on them. So if someone not in there claims to be me, well... they're probably not, and if you think they are, then just tg me and I'll be glad to clear things up.