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Canon NS stats and polcies

While Celestial Wave does use mostly NS stats, but there are quite a few exceptions. If it isn't on this list assume it's canon.

Taxation: Taxation in Celestial Wave is way lower than the stat of 75%. In actuality it is 20%.

Welfare: Celestial Wave isn't a welfare state. There is far less welfare benefits for anyone earning above $50,000 per year, and only healthcare, university, and 5 week maternity leave are provided for the entire population.

Government Size: The Celestian government is a lot smaller than the stat, with most people being employed by private corporations, not the government.

Business subsidization: The Celestian government doesn't subsidise any businesses unless they are working with Space Dolphin or are working in developing clean energy. Other than that businesses are expected to go it alone.

Population: The Celestian population is 750 million, with the mean age being 45.

GDP: The Celestian GDP is 500 trillion.

Recreational Drug use: While drug use lands you in rehab instead of prison in Celestial Wave, we aren't a bunch of drug addicts.

Automobile Manufacturing: Celestial Wave makes some of the best electric cars in all of Terra, with the sector being a pretty big part of the economy.

Polygamy: Polygamy isn't legal in Celestial Wave.

Affirmative Action: Affirmative action isn't enforced in Celestial Wave, people can hire whoever they like as long as they aren't criminal.

Government Spending:

(40% of GDP)
Administration: 10%
Defense: 25%
Education: 20%
Environment: 5%
Healthcare 12%
Industry: 2%
International Aid: 0.5%
Law and Order: 10%
Public transport: 6%
Social Policy: 5%

There is also an extra 20 trillion dollars put aside for Space Dolphin and Space Defense.

The Economy stats are pretty much canon except for the fact that richest 10% earn up to $500,000 per year.