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On the Topic of the Occult

The occult, paranormal, supernatural, paranatural, fortean, anomalous. All these and many words have been used to describe phenomenon that are a break from the usual mundane existence that so many of us are accustom too. Yet for many these breaks are either dismissed as just coincidence or odd events that have a rational explanation to them or the result of an overactive mind playing tricks with one senses. In such events they may truly have a logical explanation. But while that can explain some events there are others who can not be dismissed so easily, nor can a logical solution to their anomalous nature be found.

Thousands have felt the touch of the supernatural .For most, these arcane events are unexpected, created by seemingly mindless manifestations.Some fondly remember these blessed events. Some do not survive the encounter. Most spend their nights shuddering behind barred but useless doors. A few watch helplessly as their mind degenerate into madness, watching as their humanity crumbles away along with their sanity, leaving behind a powerful, but deeply obsessed, immortal, and powerful facsimile of their former selves being used by a force they could have never comprehend.

Others -- daring magicians and devoted acolytes -- seek out supernatural power and willingly risk corruption. They study arcane tomes, perform strange experiments and cast elaborate rituals. These practitioners manipulate arcane energies and achieve wondrous or horrific results. Some practitioners are solitary and secretive, working in dusty bookshops, deserted buildings or crapped apartments. More than you think operate in state-of-the-art laboratories with substantial budgets. Their machinations affect millions of people, and millions of dollars. Others however were born with such powers. With only their will they can move objects without touching them, see into the thoughts of others, project their mind across space and time, and interact with aspects of reality that most are blind too.

For some these powers are a blessing, a gift from the divine. To others their powers are a freak mutation that they must adapt to in order to blend in with society and not look mad, for others their powers are a curse they wish to get rid of. For those born with such powers they find that this power makes them into living conduits, mediums, and magnets to forces they can't hope to understand and with such interactions one would either found wonder or horror.

But there is more to the supernatural and to many these desperate elements seem to have no connection with one another. Indeed, this guide here won't act as the grand unifying theory of the supernatural, but what it does provide will grant you enough knowledge on can be glean and understood by our fragile human minds. What one wishes to do with the information presented is ultimately left up to you for you are the author of your own story.

Elusive and Ephemeral Nature

Before we can begin to describe specifics with paranormal conflicts it is best to understand precisely what is paranormal and what, if any, pattern can be spotted by it.

To be called paranormal one must have elements which violate the known laws of nature and reality. By this definition it means that the laws of science, knowledge of the material universe, can not easily explain it for it breaks all of it's known rules. Little is known about the true nature of paranormal phenomena. Many institutions and scholars empirically study these elements in order to understand them; however, due to the physics and logic-defying behavior of these forces, a scientific understanding may be impossible. Unlike natural forces, paranormal forces do not obey strict rules and are instead fluid and illogical. One thing that is known, however, is that paranatural forces gravitate to the mind; they display an affinity for ordinary objects and locations, and are affected by mental forces such as consciousness and perception. There is a connection between our minds and the unknown forces of the universe, and humanity posses the ability to affect the paranormal . We hold the key to fully understanding and mastering the unknowable forces of existence, but we don't have a clue on how to do so.

Why there is a connection to the paranormal and consciousness is one of the biggest mysteries in occult circles. But in an effort into better controlling supernatural forces many have discovered that using specific materials, words, symbols in the right state of mind can allow one to control these forces to change the world. These rituals would lead to the development of what is now called magic. These rituals work be establishing a connection with the paranormal be meaning, intent, and symbolism as oppose to causality. Rituals seem to obey certain rules, though these rules and laws vary depending on the ritual in question, often some say that if there was any logic to the rituals it would be that of "dream logic".

Preparations for a ritual

But while magic and rituals can be used by others there are a few who for reasons unknown have a much stronger connection to the paranormal; one that can allow them to wield paranatural abilities.

These people were called sorcerers, witches, and shamans in ancient pasts, names shared with the old ritualists, but now these people are called psychics and espers. They do not need elaborate rituals, numerous foci, or esoteric knowledge to generate controlled anomalous events, they can produce them by will alone.

How or why these individuals gain such abilities seem to be as diverse as the individuals themselves. Some are born with these powers and can use them once their minds are develop enough to comprehend the world around them. Others can have these abilities be dormant for years, waiting for a trigger to make the individual unlock such powers. These triggers can range from near death experience, consuming hallucinogen that causes the would be psychic to awaken their power, to intense emotional moments or trauma. Stories of some psychics gaining their powers after experiencing huge changes in their lives are also common, sometimes to the point that one going through puberty or becoming a parent can unlock such powers.

However another method for one to unlock psychic capabilities is to make contact with paranormal forces. There are cases where an individual who makes contact with an object of power, absorb the energies of a place of power, or interacted with a entity of power in someway can unlock such powers, whether it is their own powers or powers lend to them would depend on the interaction that had taken place. Those whose power comes from a connection with these paranormal forces risk losing their power if this connection was ever severe, or worse, can become the unwitting pawn of such forces if they are malevolent in nature.

A fairy-tale illustration showing
a young woman
interacting with an Entity of Power

This method is notoriously danger as those who are of weak will have been known to suffer deterioration of the mind, in some occasion even physical deterioration, to some dying upon contact to some being subsume by the object or entity, or being transformed into something else. Because of the danger possessed by this method some have developed alternatives; they range from

  • Extracting the energies of a Place of Power and imbuing it on a object, creating a pseudo object of power

  • Extracting aspects of a Entity of Power; often manifesting as items such as weapons, clothing/armor, or a gift given to a person by the entity.

  • Utilizing rituals in controlling the energies that comes from object and places of places and binding entities of powers under their control

This connection to the mind as much larger consequences. When instances of Altered World Events manifest themselves upon our perceived reality they too show signs of being affected by the human collective unconscious. Even the behavior of Places of Powers seem to be determine to on whether people believe the site to be a beneficial and sacred place, or one that is haunted, curse, or even evil. It is this connection that is believed in some part why some places seem to produce a feel of comfort while others make people feel uneasy.

Many objects that are imbued with paranormal energies often act as physical archetypes- symbols and imagery given psychological significance through daily rituals, culture, and urban legends, as well as psychology and beliefs. It is believed that the changes brought about to other things, like animals, plants, and even humans, are also archetypal in nature.

But even these examples pale when one looks beyond the physical world and finally sees the other side of existence to truly see how far this connection to the mind and supernatural goes.

Anima Mundi

according to the thought of Vladimir Vernadsky and Teilhard de Chardin, there is a third phase of development on Earth, this phase is called the Noosphere. In the original theory of Vernadsky, the noosphere is the third in a succession of phases of development of the Earth, after the geosphere (inanimate matter) and the biosphere (biological life). Just as the emergence of life fundamentally transformed the geosphere, the emergence of human cognition fundamentally transforms the biosphere.

For Teilhard, the noosphere emerges through and is constituted by the interaction of human minds. The noosphere has grown in step with the organization of the human mass in relation to itself as it populates the earth. As mankind organizes itself in more complex social networks, the higher the noosphere will grow in awareness.

What those two could have never comprehend was that their theories came frighteningly close to what actually exists.

An artist's depiction of the noosphere

The human brain, deriving from an ape brain trained upon ape culture and survival on the material plane, are not up to the task of under-standing the Logosphere and all it implies, but we can still make an attempt on trying to glean some information from it.

The theory of noosphere is right to a point. But rather than an (more or less) abstract social/environmental concept, the noosphere (Logosphere) is very much real, a tangible if invisible field surrounding the Earth linked by, affected by, or affecting both human minds and thoughts, perhaps both?

The Logosphere is the great buzz of thoughts, beliefs, intents, sensations, and speech that composes an interconnected “sphere” of meaning around the Earth. Since it’s inherently intentional, the Logosphere maps to the Astral Plane and channels astral energy to have sweeping, long-term effects on humanity. It is because of the Logosphere that a connection between the Material Plane and Astral Plane exists.

The formalized words, actions, deed, and symbols used on magic rituals have ripple effects on both the Logosphere and the Astral Plane, resulting in the magical effects that manifest on the Material World. Memes, coined by Richard Dawkins, carry far greater power than normal thanks to the Logosphere and the Astral Plane, as not only can they influence people's mind but can be given anomalous properties.

Artistic depiction of a vision of the Astral Plane

Mass social movements look like they’re powered by words and ideas, but all the successful movements tap into the Logosphere, and be extension, the Astral Plane. Whether deliberately or unintentionally, all leaders and people who are members of a movement that is to bring forth change to their societies are often trying to utilize the Logosphere and Astral Plane so their beliefs, ideas, and memes can influence enough minds to align with their goals. All social movements, specifically those not aware of the Logosphere, tap into that power through the intuitive understanding of the leaders. From inside, major social movements or changes seem like the straight-forward work of people planning and working for it, but if you could observe from “outside,” it would be easy to see the work of magic and the astral plane in human history.

While the Logosphere surrounds the world it in truth doesn't just encompass. Stores and belief about the Moon and Sun, of alchemy and astrology use of celestial bodies in their magical thinking, has caused the Astral Plane to create extensions to the Logosphere, creating new fields that encompass the space surrounding the Earth and the Moon, the Sun and the Inner Solar System, and even in the Inner Solar System and Outer Solar System, all layered on top of each like a Matryoshka Doll. Where these fields ends is unknown now but many believe that should man finally begin to colonize other worlds in our solar system the Logosphere will expand once more. It's unknown what would happen if the Logosphere if humanity was to make contact with one developed by alien consciousness.

A growing belief among those in occult circles has it that the Logosphere and Astral Plane can change reality itself if the collective conscious and perception of humanity was align to whatever belief they want to be true. Thus explains how science and magic can both coexist as one presented strong evidence and memetic hooks to justify it's existence and another is deeply entrenched into humanity's collective unconscious to ever truly go away.

Traditional magic clearly uses ritual meaning to influence the Logosphere and Astral Plane. Think of the diagrams, grimoires, incantations, circles of power, daggers and chalices, flames, and human sacrifices. The Aztecs knew what they were doing with their bloody rituals, and so did the Roman Catholics who conquered them. Aleister Crowley modernized magic with his rational approach, and now Great Works and other magical projects have taken on a postmodern vibe. As the Logosphere and Astral Plane changes, magic naturally does as well.

Another, if unintentional, contributors to both magic and paranormal studies are Carl Jung who theories eerily matched with the natural of the paranormal; resulting in many in occult circles to believe he was a sorcerer or became one after developing his theories, and Werner Heisenberg who Uncertainty principle also accidentally revealed a key rule into the paranormal with how perception can affect the paranormal and in turn reality.

The Logosphere and Astral Plane are also linked to many psychic phenomenon in the world, though many believe that humanity also plays a role in the existence of psionics, but as of now the answer on whether humanity was the initial source of psychic phenomenon or are a conduit to project them on to the material realm is still unknown.

But what is known is that it is the existence of the Logosphere and Astral Plane that enables for mankind's psychic potential to manifest. It is believed that when our brains developed to the point that we can invent language, tools, and writing has allowed humanity to do something that no other animal has done before, to synch up their brains on both a quantum level and on a astral level. This synchronicity allows certain humans to make all sorts of mental connections to other human brains, such as reading minds, implanting thoughts, triggering emotional responses, masking memories, sending experiences, programming behaviors into the subconscious, and triggering such behaviors. The complicated neural network and metaphysical connection to the Astral Plane allows brains to intend impossible things, such as trying to move a rock with the power of one’s mind. Among certain people, some of these impossible intentions set up a quantum “butterfly effect” that actually accomplishes the task. Telekinesis and its variants result from this sort of action.

The connection to the Astral Plane can result in abilities that are more esoteric in nature. Such powers include teleportation, seeing through time and space, contacting entities and spirits from the astral plane, astral projection, reviving the dead, creation of thoughform or matter with pure psychic and astral energy. A few have even reported the ability of willfully creating Demesnes- pocket dimensions with their own laws that exist within the astral plane.

A brain’s individual quantum signature survives death as a potentiality, and elements of that signature can coalesce in a compatible brain. Many people have memories that they recognize as false, and these are part of such a signature. If the signature recurs often enough to develop greater integrity, it can appear in a new human brain as a “past life.” However this isn't the only manner in how one's mind persists after death. Residual psychic energies, often born from outbursts of strong emotions and sensations, can leave behind an "imprint" on the location or object that resonates with such energies, producing many of the phenomenons attributed to haunting. Most of these spirits act merely as echos of the deceased, often being both predictable and repetitive in their mannerism, actions, and behavior, they are sentient but show no true sapience as much of their behavior is based on what was recorded. More importantly these "recording" specters often can't perceive the environment around them and often can't retain new memories for long, making them quite literally stuck in the past. But some ghosts show not only the ability to see the environment around them and retain new memories and information, but possess the full memories and personalities of the deceased.

Yet even these "conscious" ghosts are nothing more but astral constructs, duplicates form from the recorded thoughts, memories, and personality of the deceased. On some rare occasions duplicates of a living person can appear, giving rise to stories of doppelgangers. However for some parapyschologist, spirit mediums, and shamans firmly maintain that conscious ghosts do seem to be fully sapient individuals, and that banishing a sentient ghost is tantamount to murder.

More over these "conscious" ghosts, or as some occultists refer to them as "Awaken Ghosts" or "Ascended Ghosts", typically are generated by people who are famous and are viewed as important. Though sometimes a regular ghost can "ascend" if enough people belief in them and hear their story. These types of ghosts are not only popular with famous and infamous figures who have died or who are still alive, but even figures who people believed have faked their death. From stories of people encounter Elvis Presley alive to conspiracy theories of Adolf Hitler living in Argentina after World War 2, these ghosts exist almost as a demand from the collective unconscious to have these figures remain on the Earth long after the originals have left this world.

Most of them retain the memories, personalities, and knowledge of the person the ghosts are based on. But as constructs made by the Egregore and by the collective beliefs of others these ghosts often undergo a change based on how the public perceived them.

The King never dies

A perfect example of this process is once more, Elvis Presley. When Elvis Presley died his psionic residue left behind a ghost, one that was made both by natural process and by the collective powers of his fans. Not only do the beliefs of his followers grant him power and stability, they also alter his very nature. As time goes on, ascended ghosts increasingly become exactly what their followers believe them to be. Originally the ghost of Elvis Presley was simply a duplicate of the personality and memories of Elvis Presley created by the Egregore. However, most of his believers feel that he is young, slender, and helpful to those in need. Over time, his ghost has become young-looking, slender, and helpful. Eventually, as everyone who knew the ghost in life dies, ascended ghosts begin to loose many of their original memories and personality and become more the reflection of the followers’ beliefs. However, unlike daemons, ascended ghosts never entirely lose their individuality. They are a combination of real people and legend, and in time the legends predominate, but they are more complex and individual than mere archetypes.

Recently another type of ascended ghost has become common. Legendary figures without any real basis, like Sherlock Holmes, Gandolf, or even Batman have become so widely known and popular that many people believe in them. This belief has brought a few such figures into existence. These being appear very seldom and generally no one but the people who actually saw them believe that they appeared. If enough stories and enough belief is generated, ascended ghosts can be formed out of the raw stuff of the Egregores and Astral Plane, without needing to first accrete around a ghost.

Alan Moore stated to have met John Constance twice in real life

Like daemons, ascended ghosts have become creatures of pure magic and so are bound by the laws of magic. Like daemons, ascended ghosts are incapable of breaking their word. Also, like daemons, each ascended ghost has specific Banes and vulnerabilities based on the legends told about them. The ascended ghost of King Arthur might be vulnerable to betrayal by someone close to him, while the Voodoo Loa Legba can be more easily summoned at a crossroads.

Of the immortal soul itself it is believed that the mind itself, or the aspect more align with the Astral Plane and the Logosphere, goes to the other plane after death. But many say these spirits can come back and with their minds free from the confines of their bodies they connection to the quantum and astral levels of existence is much more potent. For many who believe as such they say that these ascended consciousness are the inspiration for stories of gods and saints visiting mortals.

However the Astral Plane isn't just home to souls. Other beings resides in the Astral Plane.

Archetypal Incarnates and Psyche Manifestations

Within the Astral Plane mankind's collective beliefs, creativity, and fears is manifested in full. In the Astral Plane one would find many pocket dimensions called Demesne. Demesnes are varies wildly as much as the individuals that created them. Some of these Demesnes, and the most common variants, are born from the dreams and nightmares that are spawn every time one goes to sleep. When one is awaken the dream or nightmare they had will still persist in the Astral Plane. It is possible for one to return to the Demesne just as sometimes one can have reoccurring dreams. With these Demesnes one who is a lucid dreamer can control the Demesne if they find themselves within it, though controlling the Demesne they have made is often easier than ones made by another. Because of the nature of these Demesnes the relative size of them can range from being as small as the inside of a house to even being as big as a forest or city, though some can be much larger.

However sleep is not the only method in creating Demesnes as one can create them while still being awake.

This is one of the tamer Demesnes

Other ways for how a Demesne is created is the second most common, imagination and creativity. Poets, artists, writers, animators, game designers and programmers and film directors all can craft worlds fueled by their creativity and passion (as well as financial interests). This drive can also be used to not only bring their works into whatever media they choose but also bring them to life in the Astral Plane. Even fan derivatives of these media exist in the Astral Plane.

Deep within the Astral Plane all characters, items, places, and more created by humanity exist as though their existence was as normal as ours. In these fictional worlds brought to life physics often follows the physics made by the author; meaning that if supernatural powers exist in that universe and one can learn it they can, but alternatively if that universe has it that firearms don't exist then all firearms that enter the Demesne will either cease to be until one leaves it or it changes to a more appropriate item.

This phenomenon of things changing to best fit the Demesne in question is known as Translation. This process can change not only items but the person carrying them. Anyone who steps foot into a fictional Demesne could have not only their appearance change (going as far as to incur a change in race, gender, and species) but can even have their skills changed and even have some personality and mentality changes.

In the grimdark recesses of the Astral Plane, there is only war

The process of Translation is a two way. As beings and items that leave their native Demesne will undergo the same changes if they enter another Demesne or the material world. Those that resist Translation to the point that they retain their original form will find their abilities not only weakening over time but also causing them great pain. Eventually actions such as moving and breathing would induce pain as reality itself is slowly killing them. Those that die will have their bodies erased. Inhabitants of fictional Demesnes can only exist as themselves in the material realm if they are close to a threshold that connects to their reality or on a place of power.

The story is the same with those created by pure imagination. Often these Demesne are created by children and are home to the imaginary friends and monsters children believed. These Demenses are often seen as being made by creators whose works were either too obscured to be noticed by the masses, was never made into a visual-audio media to be perceived, or was made but was lost. As such many works of art that are now lost media can also be found in this one as well as creative ideas that never came to be.

Of the other sorts of Demesnes are the ones created when one's mind is influenced by hallucinations, either being caused by drugs or by insanity. These are seen as being even more unpredictable then the dream varients due to the source. In here not only is dream logic in full force, but if the Demesne was created by someone suffering from a mental illness, then reality is govern by whatever madness the creator is/was inflicted by.

One of the more comprehensible entities in an Insanity Demesne

Other Demesnes that can be found are those created by collective minds. These often take on the form of religious realms and mythical locations. Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. Asgard and Olympus. Atlantis and Lemuria. All of these are real as well as the respected entities and artifacts related to their respective mythologies and religions. However these types often have different variants of the same ones being made due to retelling and alterations made that makes each new rendition of the same stories different from it's predecessor. As one can already guess, if mythology and religion can become real in the Astral Plane, than it goes without saying that fairytales, ghost stories, and urban legends can also become real as well.

But behind the entities made by humanity's minds intentionally or not there are other beings in the Astral Plane that we have made but none were made in manners that some would like.

In the Astral Plane all of our thoughts, speech, intent, and actions are recorded and reflected back in the form of both manifestations and incarnations based on specific concepts and actions we have done. A small examples of these entities born from our actions and intents are the following:

  • Blood Corpse: Reanimated corpses of addicts who died from their addicts only to rise up as ravenous undead creatures that drain the blood of the living. The addiction the person had in life forced their corpse to rise.

  • Brutalizers: Hulking beings of flesh and metal, they are the embodiment of domination. These beings appear to those who dominate others, where they abuse said abusers until they have broken them and made into their slaves slaves in exchange for making them more effective tormentors to carry out it's will.

  • Residue Daemon: An entity born from the pain, sorrow, and rage of a victim who was violently murdered and never received justice, instead their crime became forgotten along with them. This being's appearances OS effected by how the victim was killed and gain power and immortality so long as the corpse of the unfortunate victim is on the crime scene.

  • Host: A psychic entity that feeds off the emotional energy exude by those experiences religious fervor. It alters the mind of individuals to fall deeper into religious fanaticism until eventually the individuals either go in a killing spree or commit mass suicide.

  • Torture Dog: Biomechanical canine-like creatures that hunt in packs, appearing from other worlds they pounce on their prey and dig their drills into the bodies of their victims, torturing them. The saliva of the dogs increases the pain and create a psychic link with the dogs, making the victim feel the pleasure of the dogs.

  • Lost Ones: Children who perish from neglect and abuse. Their bodies are reanimated as the sorrow and rage of the child drives them on to kill all other abusers as an act of revenge. Should they encounter a child with a loving and caring family they will stalk the family and murder them out of jealousy and rage over the fact they were deny the same affection in life.

  • Snuff Golems: Twisted constructs of flesh and metal, they are born from the body of a victim tricked into becoming the star of a snuff film. With parts of the equipment used to make the movie fused to them, these golems would kill those who produced the film and turn them into camera headed servants so they can record the golems own snuff films.

  • Ovvoshi: A creature covered head to toe in rags and dirty clothing. The Ovvoshi carries a leather bag that can grant anyone's desires for a limited time. The creatures increases the time that someone can have with their desired object by performing increasingly demanding, dangerous, and humiliating commands and favors for it. Ultimately the victim will be forced to kill other people the Ovvoshi visits and all parties will end up killing each other.

  • Mystery Men: Reality warpers and dangerously clever, these embodiment of paranoia torment their victims by changing events in reality to make them feel that a powerful conspiracy or force is after them. Using agents of many kind and their powers, the Mystery Men will only leave their victims once they are bored of them, by then their victims have either taken their own lives or are locked in mental correctional facilities.

One of the many nightmares
spawned by humanity

Beyond these entities are beings who are archetypal beings. Whether they are the archetypes themselves or just avatars of the concepts is unknown. What is known is that in the Astral Realm these beings are gods. They are timeless, acasual, and nearly all-powerful. These self-aware ideas can not only make their own Demesnes but can also reach beyond the Astral Plane and affect the material world through the Logosphere. Most of the time their power usually extends to changing the thought process of people or working through synchronicity- meaningful coincidence, but in rare instance their powers can be more direct if they choose to unleash a powerful resonance to trigger an Alter World Event in the material realm. Some have been known to create Gateways and Thresholds into the Astral Plane. It is believed that a Membrane exists between the material and astral plane, ensuring that the two realities don't merge into one and it is this Membrane that prevents these entities of great power from using more overt displays of their power as often. Yet even with this barrier these entities of power can still influence the collective consciousness of humanity.

These beings have different avatars or emanations throughout the Astral Plane, each one both linked to the entity that made them yet each possess their own ego. Many gods in the Astral Planes are said to be linked to these beings as well as different monsters and mythical beings. Some occultist have found that by performing rituals in which they act out as an archetype they can draw out small percent of their powers. So far the beings either have not noticed the siphon of their vast power or don't care too much to do anything about it.

There is a belief among some occult scholars that a human can become like these beings if they truly embody the archetype they seek to emulate. But such a theory has not yet produce viable data to either confirm or dismiss it. What is more firmly established is that these beings can use objects of powers and other items altered by paranatural energies as conduits to establish a link between them and the material world, allowing them to influence the material world to a limited extent. Some of these conduits even take on the form of Places of Power or living entities, with humans being a popular choice with these entities.

Yet these beings alone and the various incarnates are said not to be the only entities spotted within the Astral Planes.

Many have spotted Demesnes whose odd make does not fit with anything a human would design. More importantly they have encountered strange beings that at first many suspect came from other Demesnes but overtime a disturbing realization would be many, these beings were not byproducts of the Astral Realm.

It would appear that the Astral Realm acts as a crossroad between different realities and even worlds within our universes. Allowing humans from parallel universes, entities from other dimensions, and aliens from different worlds to interact with one another once they are sure they are genuine beings and not astral constructs. The existence of these other realities now cast a new light on the archetypal entities. Are these beings the ones made by humanity's collective unconscious or are they the accumulation of many minds throughout the multiverse?Just how far does their power extend?

Did you truly think you had control in anything, even your own will?

Essence of the Mind

Of one the many consequences born from our connection to the Astral Plane is the very fact that most of humanity (95% to be precise) have psychic potential. Yet for many they would never unlock this potential. For many the energy they have will dissipate into the air and reach to the Logosphere where it will return back to the Astral Plane. But strong emotions, like joy and love, anger and fear, pain and despair, can release a burst of this energy. This phenomenon is known as Seepage.

In an ideal world every trace of psychic energy would return back to the Astral Plane and never bother humanity, but this isn't an ideal world.

Not only has this energy stayed in our plane of existence but it has changed, developing an alien and schizophrenic intelligence. This entity is called the Primal Egregore or simply The Egregore.

Described as what would happen if the Logosphere developed it's own will, this pseudo entity is a collection of all of mankind's emotions, intent, thoughts, beliefs, and more. The Egregore omnipresence on Earth means that anyone who uses magic will be drawing it to power their rituals even if they are unaware of it's existence. Psychics can also attempt to channel it to increase their power. But with such a capricious force doing so invites great risks to ones sanity and soul, if not their lives.

The Egregore is a major contributor to many manifestations of supernatural phenomenon on the Earth. It is the reason why "recording" and "conscious" ghost exists, it plays a large role for the places and objects of power exist, it is the reason why entities we call monsters and cryptids roam the world. It is also why in some parts of the world the membrane that separates the material world and the astral plane is incredibly thin as to almost become nonexistent, allowing for Thersholds and Nexus to easily form.

Egregore is found all over the world but it has the habit of concentrating into specific places, creating large pools of pure astral energies, these pools are general refer to as Loci or Locus. Some such places are ancient holy sites; others are "haunted" areas where no one lingers, especially at night. Everyone except Voids and Psinks can feel the power of such places and most will respond to this power on an emotional level. Places that have been temples and churches for centuries, a millennium or even longer will feel holy and peaceful to almost everyone. Similarly, sites of horrific murders or foul magics will cause a shiver to go up the spine of all but the least sensitive. The occult community is currently engaged in a vigorous debate over such sites. Some claim that human activities like worship or murder actually create Loci. Others argue that some unknown feature of the landscape creates such regions, and humans simply respond to such places in certain ways, building churches on some, and committing atrocities on others.

In any case, Loci vary considerably in the type of supernatural effects that they are likely to produce. A peaceful holy site is unlikely to produce dangerous fires, and a malevolent cemetery is unlikely to produce visions of angels. However some sites are more ambivalent and in general would produce supernatural effects with no clear intent on whether to harm or help around in the site. However, the exact nature of the site should be taken into account when deter-mining the nature of any spontaneous or uncontrolled supernatural phenomena that occur there. The site of an antique structure may have spontaneous apparitions of ancient events, while a haunted old growth forest is more likely to produce mirages of huge predators with glowing eyes or spectral herds of extinct animals like Irish deer or mammoths.

On the topic of expected supernatural effects, if one was to enter a benevolent site; which can range from holy well, ancient churches or temples, and other sites where miracles are said to have occurred fall into such examples, with the catacombs under Rome and the temple at Delphi are being more precise examples of such sites. While supernatural events at such sites may be odd and even frightening, unless controlled by a Focus, they will never directly harm anyone except to prevent them from harming someone else. Which is the inverse for malevolent sites as it befits their particularly horrific natures.

Sites of malevolent supernatural effects may be found at the locations of bloody battles or mass suffering, as well as temples to dark gods and sites of demon worship. Dachau, the infamous Nazi death camp, and mass murderer Charles Manson's ranch are examples of malevolent supernatural sites, Jone's Town is another such site. Unless controlled by a Focus, supernatural events in such a location will always be terrifying and will often be harmful. In these sites it is often say that the location has a malicious mind of sorts and can try to possess people to inflict harm and suffering on others or on the person it is controlling.

The Hoia Baciu Forest is a rather infamous example of a Locus,
it's also known for being on the verge of turning into a Nexus

It is possible to change the nature of such sites but doing so would require a series of long rituals and at least one person present must be a magician. For these adjustments often requires moving walls, structures, or terrain, or changing the composition or landscaping of the area. Most often, the majority of the participants work to make these structural or physical changes while the magus, or magi, perform the ceremonies and rituals. There is also the danger that the loci in question may fight back to prevent the change from occurring, some of these sites will even kill to stop any attempt on changing them. Doing this to a site bound to a entity of power can also enrage the being and may use the powers of the site to prevent the ritual from succeeding as changing the nature will severe the bound the entity has with the site.

Beyond the level of Loci comes a place of power that display anomalous phenomenon beyond those seen by loci and actively seems to draw other paranormal forces to the point that it is more prone to having gateways opening and created Thresholds- locations in which the frequencies of Earth and another dimension align, thus resulting in the creation of locations which act as bridges between these dimensions. Unlike with loci who can have clear behaviors Nexus are more unpredictable and many of these sites are said to be genius loci as many believe that a Nexus sites seems to display a level of intelligence. It is these sites of power that entities from Demesnes can coexist in the material world without the fear of being erased if they were in their true form. One fine difference between Nexus and Loci is that Nexus have been known to grow in size or in rare occasions shrink.

The Chernobyl Exclusion is the most infamous example of a Nexus

The creation of Nexus are still not fully understood. But some known Nexus were once Loci that experience a change in their frequency due to a resonance that came from other dimensions, trying an alter world event that changes the loci at a fundamental level. It is also recorded that a large shift in the collective consciousness of people can cause a higher instance of a loci to become a Nexus as discovered in Naval Monte as the whole island undergone such a shift when Gabriele D'Annunzio established his Italian Regency of Ionio and brought forth a libertine culture to the people and made the islands an island for refugees, radicals, and eccentrics. While D'Annunzio dream of Naval Monte returning to Italy died his actions helped influence the island nation in becoming a Nexus, leaving behind yet another lasting legacy upon the island nation.

Of a special note are the Foci or Focus. People who like psychics possess a stronger link to the Logosphere and Astral Plane, but Foci are also connected to the Egregore. This tertiary connection is still a mystery but the results are very much evident. These Foci are walking magnets for supernatural phenomenon as they occur around their presence, often on it's own. Foci are more sensitive to paranormal forces as they can witness incorporeal beings and sense magic and psychic powers, a trait that some psychic and long practicing occultists also share. With training Foci can learn to control the supernatural manifestations that occur around them. These come in two forms. The safer option is by rituals and performing feats of magic far more potent then most occultists or controlling the Egregore with ones will alone like a psychic.

Poltergeist-like activity is a common occurrence around a Focus

But doing so comes with the risk that if they lose control they won't just suffer physical harm on whatever phenomenon they tried to control but they may experience corruption caused by the Egregore.

Corrupted Incarnation

A multitude of creatures and beings exist within the vast realms of the supernatural. Since the Egregore and Logosphere originates from the human unconscious, most of these beings have some connection to humanity. A majority Ghosts were once human, while the Incarnate hang on to their humanity by the slenderest of shreds. Most demons were either made by human belief and fiction, or where human long ago, and even the bizarre animates almost always come from animals and objects which possess a close connection to humanity, a similar story to genius loci. Even beings that reside entirely within the astral plane and visit our world was ultimately made by our conscious and unconscious wills. Extraterrestrial and Extradimensional that are not astral constructs are simply alien. Many of their motives are entirely incomprehensible since they share no kinship with humanity (despite any genetic manipulation attempted by them). Supernatural beings are as terrible as our worst nightmares, but almost all are comprehensible to us, if we are willing to gaze deeply into the most sordid depths of the human psyche (a reality that falls apart if a supernatural entity made by an alien mind is encounter but that quickly brings forth a far greater horror). Even Predators are no more than the distilled essence of the same violence that can be found wherever hope has given way to despair. Most creatures of the Egregore differ from humanity only in their purity. Almost all human emotions and drives are a complex mixture of many factors. Even the most obsessed scientist will occasionally enjoy a good meal or a pleasant walk in the sunshine. Even the most violent serial killer or the most hardened assassin may have a favored pet or even a family. The Egregore strips away such externals and pares beings down until they are filled with one desire and one essence. By any reasonable definition, someone in such a state is far from sane, but their emotions and their motives still derive from the same sources we all have within us.

Many whom corruption transforms into Incarnate and the Forsaken become predatory monsters, crazed magicians, obsessed serial killers, and fiery-eyed cult leaders. However, these dark paths are not the only possible result of corruption. At its heart, corruption is not about becoming evil, it is about ceasing to be human. When the Egregore enters into the deepest reaches of a person's being, it slowly removes all facets of personality that fall outside the pattern desired by the Seepage. This pattern differs from individual to individual, and depends both on the method of their corruption and the specifics of their personality. Someone who is full of anger and hatred may become a werewolf, if Incarnate, or a cannibalistic serial killer, if Forsaken. However, a scholarly magician who is corrupted by a failed ritual might instead become an Adept. This corrupted being’s fascination with magic will slowly drive away friends and associates, leaving the scholar alone in an isolated cabin with only books and obsession. By all normal standards, most of the Incarnate and all of the Forsaken are totally insane and entirely incapable of functioning normally in society. They need not be dangerous, however, unless they or their way of life is threatened. The isolated magician described above might never create or perform a ritual to harm anyone. However, if someone stole one of his papers, or perhaps even refused to sell him a book, the dark side of his insanity might make itself known. Prophets are the most ambiguous of all of the varieties of the Incarnate. Many become leaders of dark and twisted cults, but certainly not all. Some become saint-like in their selflessness and caring, while others are merely lost in their own private communion with the forces beyond. The latter become hermits who leave their trance-like dreams only when someone comes seeking their aid and assistance.


Being corrupted is at its essence leaving humanity behind and becoming a living archetype. Even if the archetype is one of love and caring, humanity is lost in the process. The essence of being an archetype is being concerned only with matter relating to that particular nature and function. Friends, hobbies, life goals and even personality quirks not directly relevant are slowly lost as the corrupted being divests itself of the remaining tatters of its humanity. Archetypes are single, easily-defined, culturally universal concepts. Archetypes form the basis of most myths and legends. The wise magician, the holy hermit, the young hero with great potential, the vengeful anti-hero, the wicked stepmother, the wildman or wildwoman, death personified, the wandering warrior, the berserk warrior, the sacred fool, the fisher king, and the evil tempter are all archetypes found in stories told throughout the world. In the West, a variety of archetypal images can be found in Tarot cards, Arthurian myths, and the legends of all the Indo-European religions. Psychologist Carl Jung was the first person to define and categorize archetypes, but they have always existed. No one knows if our existing archetypes are in some way based off of legends of the entities within the Astral Plane and created by Astral Energies.

Alternatively, the Egregore may create archetypal monsters as a response to the deep structures of the human mind. In either case, every corrupted being is some reflection of these archetypes. It is important to remember that there are no "species" or "breeds" of monsters. The similarities are based upon the laws of magic and human psychology, not those of biology. Some of those who are attacked by a Predator and survive slowly become Predators. However, they need not become the same type of Predator as their attacker. The specific archetype "chosen" by any individual corrupted being depends on a combination of circumstance and quirks of their personal psychology. As a general rule, no corrupted being adopts an archetype that is wholly alien to their former human psychological make-up. Some might take comfort in this fact. Remember, however, that within all of us lies the potential to become a number of archetypal beings -- some fearsome and deadly and all strange and inhuman. When attacked by a Predator, an angry person of dubious morals might become a cannibalistic monster who kills and consumes random people. On the other hand, a person of great faith and strong moral convictions might become a terrifying avenger who hunts down and kills anyone who transgresses their now rigid moral code. We all carry the seeds of inhumanity within us.

It is unknown if a connection, if any, exists between these beings and the archetypal gods that reside in the Astral Plane. Some suspect that due to their nature that these monsters may have a link to those entities of power or may be acting as conduits for them. Some even suspect that such creatures are physical avatars for those beings or at the very least act as servants to them.

Of the monsters that were once human two known types are known to exist.

Incarnates: The transformation into a member of the Incarnate results in a complete physical and magical change. A vampire will gain fangs and thirst for blood, a werewolf will grow larger, stronger, and more hairy (with some turning into a secondary beastial form during specific phases of the lunar cycle or by will), and an Adept will suddenly command vast magical powers. This physical transformation usually signals the end of the progressive mental development that has been occurring. Incarnate keep the stages of corruption that they have already gone through, but they do not progress through any new stages. While many Incarnate only transform after their sanity has been entirely eroded by corruption, others transform early and have a largely sane human mind in the body of a living archetype. For some, this transformation is a great boon. Many Prophets who are still sane feel they have been blessed by God, while Adepts believe that they have finally become one with their knowledge. For others, it is a bizarre and awful curse.

The most disturbing cases are those of Predators who have suffered little mental corruption. Suddenly a relatively sane human being is living in a body with extended canines, or one that has become hairy, muscular, and fearsome. Many Incarnate crack under this strain and rapidly become insane. Others learn to accept their new life. A few are even capable of functioning in society so long as they learn to keep their unusual abilities and physiology carefully hidden. Even if the mental changes were minor and few, however, the mind is easily lead by the body. Over the course of months, years, or sometimes decades, the most human of the Incarnate will generally slip more and more into the mentality of their archetype. This process can be quite gradual, and for some exceptionally strong-willed individuals it may be almost imperceptible, but it almost always happens. Some Incarnate are capable of living for centuries, but very few make it past their first 100 years with their humanity intact. Living in the body of an archetype, with needs, desires, and powers far beyond humanity, slowly makes the once-human mind and spirit into a fitting occupant for the body.

Forsaken: For the Forsaken, the path beyond humanity is somewhat different. When their physical transformation fails, the Forsaken's mind breaks and the only remnant left of their shattered personality is the archetype itself. Forsaken are no longer mentally human. They have become fully focused upon those activities and interests central to the archetype they have become. All other activities and desires become irrelevant and are seen as incomprehensible, impure, or incorrect. Forsaken are incapable of anything other than the most superficial conversation if it does not relate to their nature. A Forsaken Prophet can talk about her own beliefs and faith until she becomes hoarse. Discussing sports, politics, or movies will engender confused mumbles, stone-faced silence, or anger. With rare exceptions, Forsaken rapidly loose their jobs, family and friends and end up as hermits, homeless people, or drifters. Even independently wealthy Forsaken will require the services of someone to manage their day-to-day life. Mentally transformed, but lacking any of the abilities of the Incarnate, most Forsaken believe that they actually possess special powers. Any attempt to disprove or make fun of their claims of inhuman supernatural power will be met with fear, disbelief, or murderous rage. Those Forsaken who understand that they lack the supernatural powers of the Incarnate can be equally dangerous. Most of these individuals have as their primary goal trying to acquire such powers, at any cost. Bizarre rituals, self-mutilation, frantic quests to obtain certain special items, and even cannibalism are all examples of desperate measures to acquire Incarnate powers. Some Forsaken who seek such powers are primarily a danger to themselves, and often end up killing themselves in their quest for power. Others eventually resort to theft and finally murder as other, lesser methods fail them. There is evidence that at least some of the Forsaken actually succeed in finding the power they seek, but most fail, often in highly unpleasant ways. Legends of rituals that can cure the Forsaken exist, but no such ritual has been unearthed or designed thus far.

Unsurprising, rumors of infamous serial killers being Forsaken is common in the occult underground

Demons, angels, dragons, and other powerful and seemingly inhuman entities are often believed to be entities that reside solely within the Astral Realm, and while that belief is true it isn't the full story. Incarnates are all born with banes or natural weaknesses that would ensure a quick death and these banes serve a secondary function of preventing the ghost of the Incarnate from transforming into what many say is the Egregore's corruption, Daemons. Most of these Daemons retain remnants of their humanity but as their existence persists these traces of humanity will fade away as they become the embodiment of their chosen archetype. removing anything that would get in the way of achieving their plans and their survival. By this point the former Incarnate as become so deeply entwined to the Egregore that fully destroying them is almost impossible. At best you can either seal such a being or break up it's form so it will need time to reform. Rumors state that being given a gift by a powerful astral entity can grant one the power to finally destroy Daemons.

Because Daemons lack a physical form that means they can change their bodies to whatever form they please and can possess others. Most Daemons possess far greater power as now they are now a part of the Egregore instead of just being imbued with it's powers. However much like living counterparts, Daemons still carry the same weaknesses that all beings made the Egregore possesses. That using a specific item or performing a specific action corresponding to their archetype can greatly injury a daemon and force them away or disperse their being.

The old demon reaching down as though the hand of a wrathful god was upon us all

Of the archetypes that create Incarnates, Forsaken and Daemons their numbers are too numerous to count. In here we will pick three such archetypes commonly encountered and the types of corrupted beings that are spotted:

Predators: Predators are obsessed with death, fear, and pain. All Predator archetypes share a number of common characteristics. Predators hunt humans. Some Predators also kill animals, but hunting and killing other humans is the defining characteristic of all Predators. A number of occultists with an interest in psychology maintain that all Predators arise out of the fear humans have of dangerous animals, combined with the unconscious realization that humans are the most dangerous animals of all. Some Predators are wild and bestial, others are subtle and cunning, but they are all hunters. Perhaps because they are the most physically dangerous of all the Incarnate, Predators are by far the most common Incarnate to be affected by mutation. Some of these mutations serve the make the Predators into more proficient hunters. Others simply make them more frightening, others erase any signs of them ever once being human, becoming living embodiment of fear.

Most Predators are born by being attacked by another Predator. Predators seek a close connection with their prey. Anyone who is hunted by a Predator and escapes alive, but with serious injury must make use of their will to avoid corruption. The severity of the wound, matched with the strength of the inflected's will and the will of the predator, can determine if one has avoided corruption. In this time the victim would experience vivid visual-audo hallucinations, intense fevers, sudden cravings and mood swings, and upset organs and bouts of nausea and pain. Simply fighting and being injured by a Predator does not incur this risk. Only people who have been hunted by Predators and survive must make this tests. Sometimes anger and obsession alone can trigger Predator corruption. Not all serial killers or mass murderers are Incarnate or Forsaken. Acting in such a manner, however, may cause someone to become corrupted. Also, this type of violent obsession is often found among the less stable people who spend their time hunting Predators. Hunting Predators for revenge, with hatred in your heart, is an excellent way to become a Predator. Also, people filled with anger, hatred, and rage who become corrupted because of a failed ritual may become Predators instead of Adepts.

Of this type the well known vampire and werewolf is commonly found. But other types of monsters found include the elusive Stalkers, quiet predators who can blend into the shadows and can appear as anyone or anything they choose. There are the Destroyers, humans turned into demonic-looking agents of destruction, violent revolution, and anarchy, and the deceitful Parasites. False healers who whisper sweet nothing to those who feel vulnerable and alone in a cruel world, promising them a better life only to slowly leech off their vital force until their bodies and minds waste away and their victims die.

If a Stalker appears before you it means your life is over

Prophets: Prophet are convinced that they have special knowledge and that others must be shown the rightness of these beliefs. While Predators are solitary and self-centered beings, seeking only to survive or to increase their own power, Prophets are highly social. A lone Prophet is a miserable and unsatisfied creature, and in many cases isolating a Prophet from all contact is the most effective way to destroy it. Unlike Predators, which are almost all dangerous and malevolent monsters, not all Prophets are harmful. Evil cult leaders, murderous paranoids, and power-mad megalomaniacs, all intent on purging society, are candidates for Prophet corruption. Mass murderer Charles Manson, and Jim Jones, the infamous cult leader of the late 1970s, were both such Prophets. On the other hand, Prophets also manifest as saintly ascetics who forgo their own needs to devote their life to caring for others, and courageous crusaders who fight oppression and risk their lives to preach peace and tolerance.

Like all Incarnate, Prophets are no longer truly human. While Predators replace their lost humanity with corrupt desires to cause pain or death, Prophets exchange their individuality for a set of beliefs about the world and their duty to humanity. Many of these duties involve killing the enemies of their chosen way, or remaking to world into a fixed and rigid form. However, some Prophets find beliefs which set them on a path to right wrongs, or help the less fortunate. While the Catholic Church and associated groups refuse to take an official position on this matter, many occultists are convinced that several Catholic saints were powerful Prophets. Such individuals perform valuable services for the world, but their plight is in many ways no less horrific.

Their goals may be noble, but they pursue them at the cost of everything else. Being benevolently non-human makes one no less non-human. Leaving hobbies, friends, and ultimately loved ones behind to pursue a vision may be less destructive than leaving all of that behind to become a slavering beast, but it is no less horrible. Daemonic Prophets make the more religious among humanity rather uncomfortable. The legendary medieval demons of temptation and desire seem to have their origins in encounters with daemonic Prophets. Similarly, at least some of the reported visions of Christian saints and angels derive from encounters with benevolent daemonic Prophets. A few occultists claim that all religious belief is nothing more than an effort to explain Egregore, The Astral Plane and its creatures, all influenced by the Logosphere. Others hold that faith is something beyond the Egregore and Astral Plane. Involuntary summoning is relatively common with daemonic Prophets. Whenever a large group of people are all focused on worshiping, honoring and seeking to become a specific archetype, an appropriate daemonic Prophet may be drawn to them and appear, using the energy of the belief to manifest. Daemon Prophets are all dependent upon their followers. If the followers cease to worship or emulate them, the daemons will be banished back to oblivion. Disrupting the daemon's cult, and convincing its followers to cease worshiping it, is the single most effective way to banish these daemons.

A few of the most utterly debased and diabolic Prophets twist their outer forms to match the evil within them. The vast majority of Prophets, however, incur no obvious physical changes. Upon becoming Incarnate, most Prophets gain a immense increases to their willpower, intelligence, and perception as their new cause strengthens their wills and sharpens their senses, most gaining paranatural abilities in the process. Also, while they rarely look any different, some particularly violent Prophets gain increased physical capabilities.

Most Prophets become corrupted while practicing some form of religious magic. Whether a Catholic priest performing exorcism or a Voodoo Houngan summoning a Loa, when a ritual performed by a person of deep faith fails, the person may become a Prophet. Only people who have intense personal faith become Prophets. People without such faith usually end up as Adepts or occasionally as Predators. On rare occasions, people of faith who have been corrupted from the failure of non-religious rituals or even from an attack by a Predator become Prophets instead of Adepts or Predators. For a few people, religious obsession alone is enough to transform them into a Prophet.

Of the Prophet archetype a few stand out. The Purifiers are those who on a holy crusade to save mankind and the world by cleansing everything they deem to be vile, corrupt and evil. Of the most famous example of Prophets are Saviors, enlighten visionaries who lead anyone who follow their teaching and faith to paradise, whether it be a free spirited utopia built on love and respect, or a rigid and abhorrent theocracy built on fear and oppression. Beyond them are the God Kings and Queens, prophets who wish to change the world like the rest, but believe that only they know how the best to change and rule the new world.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is a known example of a benevolent prophet

Adepts: Adepts are obsessed with knowledge and with a desire to do something which no one has done before. Adepts are most often created when a magician becomes corrupted while performing a failed ritual. Adepts become fascinated with the acquisition and use of supernatural and esoteric knowledge. The exact nature of the knowledge desired depends on the individual. Some seek to perform more and greater rituals, or attempt to locate supernatural places and objects of ever increasing power.

Others seemingly turn their back on the magic that corrupted them and seek answers in science and technology. The first group is known as Conjurers, the second Mad Scientists. Each variety of Adept has its own special power. Conjurers are extremely good at creating new rituals. They receive a greater efficacy and efficiency in their utilization of rituals along with a greater potency in magecraft. Also, they frequently have a wide variety of Incarnate powers that supplement their magics. Mad Scientists have no special abilities beyond the ability to create Enchanted Devices and receiving inspired visions from the Astral Plane. They do not perform rituals, nor do they possess any Incarnate powers baring their visions. Their devices, however, make them potentially much more dangerous than any other form of Incarnate.

Most scholars who investigate Adepts use the Conjurer/Mad Scientist division as the basis for their classifications. While useful in some ways, this division does not address the archetypal natural of such beings. Instead of explaining the motivation of the creature, the division highlights differing methodologies. Conjurers attempt to use ordinary-looking magic to attain their ends, while Mad Scientists create bizarre mechanical or electronic constructs to attain their ends. The exact nature of these ends -- whether creating life, becoming immortal, or releasing dark powers to rule the world -- may well be identical. Regardless of how they express their particular obsession, all Adepts use the knowledge they obtain to create something beyond themselves. This "Great Work" may be anything from writing a unified theory of magic to opening a magical gateway allowing dark beings of vast power to conquer the Earth. This work is the heart of every Adept’s existence. Most Adepts would eagerly sacrifice their own, or others' lives in order to complete this work.

The vast majority of Adepts become corrupted when one of their rituals fail. However, a rare individual who has never practiced magic may also become an Adept. A few scientists who effectively live in their laboratories, shunning all human contact, may after many years become corrupted and end up as Adepts. Once again, the key to corruption is obsession.

Enchanted Devices

The devices created by Mad Scientists are special creations that use the Adept's unnatural understanding of the Egregore and Astral Plane to warp reality to their own ends. Attempting to analyze these devices using normal scientific principles always fail. No normal device powered by a single transistor radio battery could start a large fire anywhere it is pointed, or open a gateway to a distant country. An Enchanted Device may do such things and more by drawing on the power of the Seepage. The wonder of these devices is that they can repeatedly work magic on their own. Unlike mere charms that work a set amount of times before they cease funciting and need to be recharge, a Mad Scientist's device will continue to function until it is destroyed, with ever needing to recharge as it absorbs the ambient astral energies of the world. Almost all modern Mad Scientists firmly maintain that their devices must be complex constructs of gears or circuits; however some do seem to favor steam engines and boilers, and others far more primitive models of technologies. This requirement seems to stem from the modern fascination with technology and the subculture focus on specific genres dedicated to key aspects of technologies such as cyberpunk and steampunk. This mindset has been impressed upon the Egregore and Logosphere. Many older occult organizations have a supply of ancient magical items like cloaks which render the wearer invisible and armor which protects the wearer from all normal harm while being incredibly light. These items made by Mad Scientists long ago, and thus do not suffer from an excessive love of complexity. Unless broken or destroyed, these devices continue to work indefinitely. Many are still used long after the being that created them is dead. Because of their unique nature, Enchanted Devices cannot be duplicated. Even an exact duplicate of such a device will merely bean odd collection of disparate parts. The true magic of Mad Scientists is that they are able to imbue these devices with special powers. Without this special connection to the Egreogore and Astral Plane, the device is useless. Enchanted Devices that receive minor or moderate damage may be repaired, if all the parts are present. Knowledge and skill in occult matters must be used in place of the with ones skill in repairing and building objects, often one must be a veteran in both their craftmenship and occult studies if they wish to fully restore a damaged enchanted device. Enchanted Devices can be extremely powerful. Rumors exist of long-range mind control devices The convertors that gave off strange auras to see into other worlds, the machines that snatched creatures from strange ‘other’ places, devices that opened portals into strange dimensions, the transmitters that can bring dead soldiers back to life and even working interstellar space ships having been built by particularly gifted mad scientists. Such devices naturally attract a great deal of attention from many agents in the Occult Underground, World Governments, Corporations, and Shadowy Conspiracies of all kinds to fight among each other to possess such items or at least deny their rivals from getting their hands on them.

Adept daemons are actually quite rare. The linkages that bind Predators to their prey and Prophets to their followers are simply not present for Adepts. Most Adepts have little to do with the rest of humanity and so Adept daemons have little reason to interact with humans. Those that do interact with humans usual do so for similar reasons, and so are not too different from the other daemons. Upon death, an Adept’s drive to produce a lasting and immortal legacy greatly diminishes. However, Adept daemons can still be voluntarily and involuntarily summoned. Adept daemons of all types usually act as advisors and mentors for occultists and inventors with goals similar to those the daemon had in life. These daemons prefer working with uncorrupted or partially corrupted humans and usually disappear once the individual becomes Incarnate. Assistance from such a being usually results in the eventual corruption of the individual being helped. However, the assistance of such a daemon is the only way that someone who is not Incarnate can create enchanted devices. Unfortunately, mere mortals are incapable of fully understanding such devices, so the demon is the only one who will be absolutely certain what the device will do. The occultist or inventor may believe she is making a device to generate unlimited amounts of free energy, while in reality she could be creating a deadly bomb.

Adepts, especially Mad Scientists, are very powerful and somewhat dangerous. However, they can also be extremely useful. Many organizations have a standing policy that Adepts should be captured if evidence exists that they are working on projects which might be of use. It is not uncommon to have a single Adept be kidnapped multiple times by multiple groups.

Of the variety of Adepts that exist some include the Creators; adopts who for them the end result of their creation is their end goal, finding great joy once their creation is complete and succeeds or turning violently angry if it fails. Some create for joy, both other seeks fortune, fame, and acceptance they feel they deserve. Necromancers seek to understand and transcend the division betweenlife and death. They wish to bring the dead back to life regardless of their state and age, and may even wish to remove the boundaries between life and death. Often a personal motivation such as bringing back a dead loved one motivates them. Scholars are those who wish to seek knowledge either by the accumlation of books or by expirements. While regardled as the least active and dangerious some have been driven by their hunger for knowledge to risk the lives of others to gain answers. Alchemists which to understand how the world works so they can transform both it and ultimately themselves to a more "perfected state".

The living archetype of the mad genuis, Tesla was infact a Scholar Adopt.
To this day his research notes and enchanted devices are triggers for many shadow wars

The most mysterious type of supernatural creatures are the awakened beings. This term is reserved for any object or animal that has become infused with astral energy. In addition to collecting in humans and in places of power like Loci and Nexus, astral energy can also naturally collect in objects and animals. It is unclear why a few objects and animals collect astral energy, but all known awakened beings have spent considerable amounts of time (years) in a Loci and Nexus.

Awaken Objects, or Objects of Powers, are often seen by people as mobile loci or as resonators for astral energies. However these ignore some key aspects to these objects. The exposure to paranatural energies has not only made them into perfect conduits and batteries for paranormal powers but all objects of power possess some rudimentary consciousness and motivations. In effect, each one has its own archetype. In almost all cases, the archetype of the object relates very directly to its form.

Objects with no moving parts, like statuary, or simple mechanical devices, like guns or mechanical clocks, are often awaken but devices with more complicated devices have been known to also be awaken, such as cars and boats, radios and television sets, and computers.

Awakened objects can be profoundly dangerous because they are capable of independent action. Awakened devices sometimes operate independently in accordance with their archetype. An awakened gun might "accidentally" fire when some picks it up and looks down the barrel. Also, awakened objects are capable of producing spontaneous anomalous effects. While such events are quite rare, all of the supernatural manifestations associated with it's anomalous nature can occur in the vicinity of awakened objects. These manifestations extremely dangerous proposition. To make matters worse, when using such an object to perform rituals, the magician must possess a powerful will for not only is the presence of such an object in a place of power increase the power of the object and the place itself, but the object will attempt to take control of the magician. Should they fail they would be under the control of the object for a certain amount of hours and while this possession doesn't cause corruption they can still suffer through the aftermath of whatever acts the object made them do.

Cold War-era collective unconscious,
in all of it's 80 kilobyte glory

Awakened animals also possess astral energy, but this energy is not available for use by humans. The animal can produce supernatural phenomena found in loci and often has one or more Incarnate powers. Awakened animals also seem to have archetypes. The vast majority of such animals are Predators, but a few are Prophets, and others possessing still unknown archetypes. Becoming awakened does not make the animal any more sentient, so many of the Prophet archetypes and all of the Adept archetypes are simply beyond the range of consciousness of the animal. Generally only wild or feral animals become awakened. Ordinary domestic animals like pets and livestock almost never become awakened, though exceptions have arise and have grown since 2000. Most awakened animals belong to species which are of mythic importance to humanity like dogs, wolves, cats,bears, wild pigs, or horses. Awakened feral animals like wild dogs usually maintain a keen interest in humanity, which seems heightened by the Egregore. However, some awakened wild animals have little interest in humanity unless humans come looking for them. They lead their odd lives far from humans. Their powers are rarely recognized except by lone travelers, who often do not live to tell others about them.

It's eyes has seen every deed and thought you have ever done

Of Genius Loci they are an unusual variant of the awakens. Like Awaken Objects they possess an intelligence and motivation and like Loci and Nexus they even have their own personalities. But much like the Egregore itself this intelligence was forged by accumulated years of history, culture, and beliefs of all residence who lived upon the land. Stories of homes and forests that were treated as living, breathing, entities carry far more truth to them and the sentiment of personifying structure, terrain, towns, cities, and even nations has created the perfect gateway into producing Genius Loci. Often they produce the same abilities as any other Loci or even Nexus, but a key difference is that they can produce anomalies that are exclusive to them as they can direct the Egregore in a manner similar to Daemons and Entities of Power that reside in the Astral Plane.

Beyond the Awaken lie creatures that created by the Egregore in response to human legends, many of them being called cryptids. Whether it is changing an existing being to fit a creature of legend like the Incarnates or Chupacabra (who often are canines and humans temporarily controlled by the Egregore to become the goat sucker to perform attacks to perpetuate the legend), constructing the entities like ghosts, or even summoning them forth from the Astral Plane and other dimensions, such as demons, angels, faeries, and even aliens.

If one was to say the Egregore was tapping into mankind's secret and not so secret desire for the fantastic then it makes no attempt on hiding it.

In Conclusion

Whether you were born with paranatural abilities, which to dabble with arcane forces, or wish to do nothing with it, learning the reasons why it exist and knowing in some ways how it operates would save your life and sanity in the future. Would we ever figure out how these forces work and truly master them?


But for now our complicated relationship with the supernatural will continue on as it always has.