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Information for Voters: Condemn Scardino

Condemn Scardino
Information for Voters


Condemn Scardino recognizes and celebrates, by way of formal condemnation, the actions of Scardino in building Lone Wolves United (LWU), a well accomplished raider region, and for its role in coups of Lazarus and The East Pacific.


Issues with this proposal can be grouped into three conceptual categories.

First, the writing in some sections is lacking. While the proposal does a good job outlining some of Scardino's basic history, including its role as the original founder of LWU, the proposal does a sub-standard job unpacking how Scardino contributed to this organization beyond simply being the original founder. A clear example of this is the proposal's attempt in the NOTING clause to capitalize on recent uproar over the raid of The Embassy, a raid which was supported by LWU but Scardino played no organizing role in. This proposal is similarly lacking regarding details of Scardino's role in the Osiris' raider military the Sekhmet Legion. Further, the proposal briefly alludes to a coup of Lazarus by LWU under the leadership of Scardino, but provides no additional information on the methods or consequences of this subversive activity. While any one of these issues would be able to be overlooked, together they demonstrate substandard writing which, in this case, is borne by the author's limited external research outside of simply incorporating ideas from others presented in the drafting thread.

Second, to some extent the proposal is dedicated to condemning the nominee - and therefore recognizing them for being good at playing the "bad" role - for actions that weren't ultimately successful. The most detailed sections of the proposal are the APPALLED and REVOLTED clauses about the 2019 coup of The East Pacific, an embassy partner of Refugia. However, the coup of The East Pacific was wildly unsuccessful, lasting only 24 hours, and The East Pacific and its allies and other defender forces were quickly able to restore the region to the control of the legitimate Concordat government. This is reflected by the proposal having about one third of its content be about the coup of The East Pacific but barely managing one sentence explaining the negative consequences of the coup. It is also worth noting the resolution is flawed in its construction by not connecting these actions to the nation of Scardino explicitly, since they were all technically committed by Fedele.

Third, there is a conceptual issue with issuing a Condemnation for someone's positive actions. While many argue that couping and raiding are examples of how to play the evil character, and therefore should be recognized by the Security Council as "bad" actions via a Condemnation, this ignores the way SC recognition provides notoriety and validation for those players in their pursuit of actions which go against the common cause that all regions should be able to dictate their own path forward. Proponents of this view point argue it is an ideologically neutral form of recognition, ignoring that this view point is in and of itself ideological and weaponized towards the political ends of region crashers, as demonstrated in this case by the current leader of LWU saying "Scar probably deserves a condemnation".


Due to the proposal's poor construction, lacking of depth of research, overemphasis on failed acts of villainy, and the general issues with the ideological underpinnings of the proposal, the Security Council Correspondent to the Refugia Councillor of World Assembly Affairs recommends voting against Condemn Scardino.