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by The Grand British Empire of So Pep. . 129 reads.

GPC Constitution / Rulebook

1a) Any form of anti-Semitism, racism or fascism shall not be tolerated.
1b) No swearing is allowed.
1c) All have the right to an opinion.
1d) Any abuse or rudeness towards ministers shall not be tolerated
2a) Reason for trial must be genuine.
2b) Treaties and Pacts are sacred, and you should hold them dearly.
3a) Roleplay is permitted with one restriction.
3b) Roleplay wars can only take place with consent from both sides.
3c) Debates must be respectful of differing opinions
3d) All have the right to freedom of speech.
3e) ALL have the right to vote in polls and elections, no matter if they're in the WA or not.
4a) Anything to do with the Third German Reich is offensive to some, and is not allowed.

IMPORTANT: 5a) All alternate nation's names must be telegrammed to So Pep or announced on the RMB within 3 days of arrival, failing to do so is a serious penalty, and will result in a trial

So Pep
(Co-Written by: Adephia, Sartell Koltis, Kingdom of the Peps)