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Insaanistan Act of 2021

Insaanistan Act

Concerning the nation of Insaanistan:

In March of 2021, Asim Tamzali, a hardline radical Islamist Insaani politician, and his supporters stormed the Insaani royal palace, forced the Acting Sultana Soraya Khan to hand over power by signing a document at gunpoint, and promptly imprisoned Sultana Khan and her family: the Insaani royal family. Mr. Tamzali promptly declared himself President of Insaanistan and renamed the country the "People's Democratic Republic of Insaanistan." Following this, Insaani military units began declaring their loyalty to Tamzali's new Insaani regime. Only certain units did not, and these units began engaging in armed clashes and an insurgency against Tamzali's regime and his forces.

Langenia hereby does not extend diplomatic recognition to Tamzali's regime.

Imposes an embargo on all armaments to Insaanistan, cancels delivery of any undelivered Langenian-made weapons to the Insaani military, and bans spare parts from being supplied to Tamzali's military forces. The only exception is to Insaani military units that remain loyal to the royal family and True Republic of Insaanistan.

Appalled by this illegitimate takeover and the violence against non-Muslims, or anyone not Muslim and not supportive of the Tamzali regime.

Recognizes the True Republic of Insaanistan as the legitimate government of the North African country and true and legitimate successor to the Sultanate of Insaanistan.

Imposes sanctions on the new regime. These range from economic sanctions to sanctions on top regime officials, banning them from coming into Langenia, freezing their assets, and prohibiting any Langenian citizen from having contact with them.

Designates the political party of Asim Tamzali to be a foreign terrorist organization, including its armed paramilitary wing. Furthermore, militias that are the armed wings of parties part of the ruling coalition of Insaanistan, led by Tamzali's party, are designated terror entities as well.

Authorizes the Armed Forces of the Catholic Republic of Langenia to carry out combat operations on the PDRI as part of the Iberian and Italian Wars of Independence.

Passed by the Grand National Assembly and approved by the office of the President of the Republic (incumbent Nicolas Furia) in March of 2021.