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The Grey Wardens - Raiding In Shambles, Wardens Block Almost Every Raid

The 2nd Best Raider On Nationstates Waste Steven (2021 Colorized)

Hello all, it's me again. You might be wondering now "Oh, Tim, are you here to report on another moderate victory over a low stamina effort", and you wouldn't be faulted for thinking that. However, it seems that our recent victories have continued to be so substantive that those low stamina groups are present at update less and less. No, tonight was different. Credit to Frenchy and Waste though, they're f*cking immense. It's a shame most of non-Lily Raiderdom simply isn't that good anymore.

Lily. They're pretty much the best updaters around on the raider-leaning side of things. Tag Record Holders, Speed Demons, Genuinely Fun People, etc, etc etc. Before recently, we've considered Lily to be the only opposition that can still maintain a 50%+ win rate against us. When focused against, all of the other tagging groups can consistently be dumpstered. TWP, ERN, and NPA all at least make an effort, but are rarely able to manage once Warden chasers turn to them. Lily? Lily takes some effort. However, once you look at the details of tonight's 49* defense run, you begin to see a picture that signifies who and what stands in the way of would-be raiders at update nowadays. Remember when we only had 2-3 people online? Good times.

Tonight, The Grey Wardens made clear that you really can't beat us anymore.

Lily started tagging at 00:06. They paused at 00:12 until 00:24 on account of an excessively long Chicken Overlords update. At 00:41 they made their last jump. Now, Chicken Overlords typically takes ~3 minutes to update during a normal update cycle, so when calculating records and the like, we'll just subtract the other 9 minutes from the total. So here we are, at what would normally be about ~00:32 into Major Update. When you remove the six minutes from the start of update that Lily was prepping for, that means they only lasted 26 minutes. In those 26 minutes we defended 48 regions, with Lily successfully hitting 5. That's what our closest competition, the pinnacle of tag raiding, was able to do at this point against us.

Once again, double digit numbers were present in Libcord chasing tonight. Seven of those were Wardens. It's a Tuesday night.

Anybody that wants to know what it feels like to win is more than welcome to join The Grey Wardens and our Libcord friends in saving NationStates from The Blight.

*the official operation tally is 49, but 50 regions were defended. A fascist region was inadvertently defended during a high-speed portion of the chase, and was not credited as a defense. We'll be back to tag it ourselves.

The Office of The First Warden