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Trolleborg Factbook 2020. First Results of Great Opening to the World

2020 Trolleborg Factbook

This is the first release of Trolleborg Factbook since our country proclaim "Great Opening to the World", so it's interesting to compare what we receive and lost. We add where it's possible figures of previous years to make progress\regress trends visible. Unfortunately, some of the indicators so badly distorted in the new conditions, so we must begin to count them from the zero points

Population 22,67
19,7 in 2019
10,2 in 2015
7,5 in March 2014
6,8 bln in October 2013
6,06 in July 2013
5,2 in March 2013
4,67 in December 2012
4,3 in October 2012
3,5 in June 2012

Economic Indicators
GDP 6296 trln florins
GDP per Capita 277 thousands florins

Undoubtely due to the open door policy there was significant boost to the external trade:
Export 107
82 last year
Import 107
90 last year
The archaic phenomenon of corruption still continues to manifest itself, altought in corruption we are on the 8176th place out of 8195 in the region

Average salary -
$49,572 (i.e. 26000 fl.)
in 2015 $51000
2014 37106
2013 31700
As we see, salary is not only not rise recently, but slightly fall, and this is due to fluctuations caused by adjusting into world markets and wealth-distribution programms. It's worth mentioned, that we are 134th in incoming for the poor and 164 in incoming for the rich in our region, out of almost 8000 nations. And this sum is more than enough for everyone to live life of luxury.

Currency exchange rate (florin, Fl) Fl. 0.54 per NSD, 1 Fl = 1.85 NSD
0.53 in 2019
0.53 in 2015
0.65 in 2014
0.65 in October 2013
1.28 in July
2.03 in March
2.06 in December 2012
2,75=NSD in October 2012

Quality of Life

Human Development Index 99, 15th place in SP
98 last year
Lifespan 97, 15th place in region
95.58 last year
54 in 2015
39 in 2014
Healthcare - 49, 13th place in SP, and this is down by four places
Сompassion - 71
86 last year
37 in 2015
9 in 2014
Niceness - 51
60 last year
45 in 2015
14 in 2014
Cultured - 251
192 last year
23 in 2015
0 in 2014

Move down in the line in healthcare is obviously due to the fact that after our "great opening" many nations follow our example and accordingly improve their performance. Change in compassion and niceness is probably connected with a heavy shock effects of the opening, and it takes time to adapt to the changes. And positive trend in the area of culture, even more pronounced if we take into account only last year, is give us hope that situation changes for better surely and soon.
Environmental Beauty 7043 15th place in SP and 266 in the World
6200 last year, 13th place in SP
1263 2015
526 in 2014
Tourists 3745 16th place in SP and 357th in the World
3497 last year, 13th place in SP and 395th in the whole world
Opening of Trolleborg give us boost in tourists, and, as in the many other areas, countries in the world take us as example and adjusted to the things, so we lost few lines in the regional table, but bring everyone around up, contributing to shape world to being better, comfortable, nature-friendly place.

You, dear readers, can easily also access where our country in leaders and where is near the bottom in the following table: