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Confederate States of the Caribbean || Political Parties

Politics in the Confederacy has since 1940s been dominated by three major parties. The Conservative Party, representing isolationist social conservatism; the Progressive Party, representing interventionist, social progressive politics; and the Workers', representing labour and trade unions. As a presidential democracy without the capacity for coalition governments, any party with the highest number of votes can take power provided they control beyond a threshold of 5% of all votes. The Confederacy is not quite as much of a two-party system as some other American states however, as other parties have significant support and their aid is often high in demand in parliamentary sessions.

The Confederacy follows a proportional representation-based voting system, allowing for small parties to be more advantaged than they would be in most of the Americas given their FPTP system. Followed are a list of major and otherwise important parties active in the Federal Politics of the Confederate States of the Caribbean.

Major Parties

Party Name

Political Position




House of Representatives

Progressive Party

Centre right

Progressive Politics
Modern liberalism
Welfare State
Hawkish interventionism

Conservative Party

Centre right

Conservative Politics
National Conservatism
Social Conservatism
Christian Democracy
Welfare State

Workers' Party

Centre left

Labour Politics
Social Democracy
Pro-Trade Unions
Welfare State

Liberal Democratic Party

Centre right

Liberal Politics
Classical Liberalism
Anti-Trade Unions
Anti-Welfare State

Status Quo Party


Centrist Politics
Against making new laws or revoking previous ones

The Red Wave

Far left

Socialist Politics
Anti-Trade Unions
Anti-Welfare State

National People's Party

Far right

Fascist Politics
Anglo-Caribbean Ubernationalism
Welfare State (Only for English and Anglo-Americans)
Hawkish Interventionism
Anti-Trade Unions

Freedom Party

Centre left

Anarchist Politics
Communist Anarchism (faction)
Syndicalist Anarchism (faction)