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by The Imperial Republic of Rosmana. . 13 reads.

Ol Sparks killed in action!

Read this like a WW2 newsreel.
Good day Rosmana,

We regret to inform you that Jeffrey ''sparkles'' Davis, leader of the paramilitary brigades has been killed in action near Ampaka 3 hours, when his brigade was ambushed by a syndicalist patrol, he died after he was shot through the chest 17 times after a long firefight, by a group of 12 syndicalist militants using Sten MK 2,s, who fled the scene afterwords, his family has been informed and the body will be taken back to them as soon as possible.

Davis was a devout Greek Orthodox Christian, but he never spoke much about his faith, or his private life, and not much is known about his life other than his distinguished service record, and in accordance with his last will he will not get a state funeral, but a small one in St Ammonius Of Alexandria Orthodox Church his native village of Rockwall, with only his next of kin invited.

We will keep you informed:

God bless you ol Sparks, we will all drink a shot of whiskey in your honor.paramilitary brigades.

God Bless Rosmana, and God bless you ol sparks!