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by The Imperial Republic of Rosmana. . 5 reads.

Ampaka Under Siege.

Read this like a WW2 newsreel.
Good day Rosmana,

The last 24 hours has seen some of the most intense fighting in months, as the syndicalists advance continues on Ampaka, destroying many of our vehicles, helicopters and tanks in the process, leaving at least 470 of our soldiers dead, and 3 times that many wounded, as our brave troops try to hold on to their defensive positions around the city.

The urban fighting has been intense, and civilians are forced to hide in underground shelters as the fighting reaches the outskirts of the northern capital, as the outer defenses fall one by one under the syndicalist onslaught, which including rocket artillery, improvised fighting vehicles, BMP-1,s, and waves of militants armed with everything from RPG,s to Sten guns and anti tank hand grenades, as our troops hold on with everything they have.

In the meanwhile our forces are preparing to launch a next armored counter offensive, using our latest tanks, armored vehicles, helicopter gunships, artillery and aircraft to halt the relentless enemy advance of the syndicalist insurgency.

Our air force is also implementing our latest close support aircraft, the RF-767 Hammerhead, a flying armored shell with a giant Gatling gun inside, designed to take out tank formations, which has already proven itself as an effective tool against the syndie wave attacks, using napalm, white phosphorous and cluster sub-munitions.

Acting President Suthra Kieferson of the northern provisional government has also delayed the elections as he was taken to a secure location for his own safety, despite his objections, since the enemy the enemy leadership seems to have a strong desire to capture him, possibly for propaganda pusposes.

The northern provisional government has called everyone to stay inside their shelters, and that emergency provisions will be brought to them, and that the armed forces are doing everything they can to halt the syndicalist advance into the city, and defense minister Cushing has stated that reinforcements are already on their way to reinforce the city, and that the troops there will hold on no matter what, as chancellor Aria Wessex states that she will not allow the northern provinces to fall into the hands of the syndicalists again.

We will keep you informed:

God Bless Rosmana, and God keep y,all safe!