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by The Imperial Republic of Rosmana. . 5 reads.

Syndicalists Launch Renewed Offensive!

Read this like a WW2 newsreel.
Good day Rosmana,

The north was up early, awakened by a barrage of mortars, rockets and bursts of 23mm rounds fired by the syndicalist insurgents, the barrage was intense, lasting over an hour before our air force could react, and it was followed by a fierce charge of rebel troops on the outer defenses of Ampaka, the next major engagement of the war has begun, as waves of syndicalists pour at the steel defenses of our brave troops.

So far the insurgent attacks have not been stopped, and they are still advancing, despite the heavy barrage of artillery and air strikes thrown their way, as their losses continue to increase, and so far we have lost over 200 soldiers, with 5 times that many wounded as the enemy pushes on towards Ampaka.

The enemy uses a mix of hit-and-run strike teams, mostly consisting out of trucks and technicals with machine guns, rockets and anti-aircraft cannons, followed up with a large charge of lightly armed but fanatical militants, as their trained forces use the confusion to infiltrate our defenses, causing chaos behind our lines as they target supply vehicles, command posts, communication lines, and other soft targets, as their main forces envelop our outposts one by one in a wave of red fanatics.

So far there have been no reports of civilian casualties, as they rebels seem to target our military, and our armored units have already begun a large scale counteroffensive, resulting in the heaviest clashes since the last civil war, backed up by helicopter gunships, ground attack aircraft and artillery strikes.

The syndicalist have also used strike teams to secure the outlying villages north of Ampaka, establishing bases there, as they spread their propaganda to recruit the locals to their cause, and their leadership is expected to make a statement soon, as the battles rage all over the north

Reports from the battles are sketchy, but one thing is certain, peace has come to and end, and the war has begun, as a peoples militia fights a professional army.

We will keep you informed.

God bless you all.