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by The Dragon Kingdoms of Pantala and Pyrrhia. . 50 reads.

FA Councillor Recommendation

Hello Refugi! After a long period of deliberation and observation, I find myself in the position to request a full Embassy with The East Pacific as my first action of the term!

The East Pacific is one of the original game created regions, and the third largest by population in the entirety of Nationstates, coming in as just over 8,700 nations. This makes it one of the most powerful and influential regions on the site, and a very beneficial ally, especially with everything that our regions have in common. The East Pacific has strong democratic traditions and elects their Delegate by majority vote, and has a strong system of checks and balances of power through their Magister and Viziers. They also happen to be very culturally similar to Refugia, with many anti fascist and eco friendly nations, a welcoming atmosphere, and a trading card community!

Refugia has also maintained a consulate with The East Pacific since September of 2020, and has maintained many connections with various TEP members for months (Iím sure you all know the fantastic Cat and Zuk). In addition, The East Pacific shares a mutual embassy with Refugia in the wonderful region of 10000 Islands, as well as having embassies with many other large democratic regions.

With that, I invoke RRS 6B to create a regional referendum for the opening of a new embassy with The East Pacific.

Pantala and Pyrrhia
Foreign Affairs Councillor of Refugia