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by The Imperial Republic of Rosmana. . 4 reads.

High altitude bombing, operation Downpour.

Read this like a WW2 newsreel.
Good day Rosmana,

Today the defense department has announced the air force will discontinue its low lever air strikes in favor of drone reconnaissance flights, followed up with high altitude smart bombs, and missile strikes, to minimize the danger for our pilots, as the syndicalist separatists continue to rearm themselves, after the enemy has managed to down a large number of our fighters, killing at least 12 of our brave pilots in the process.

There have also been rumors of the enemy possessing surface-to-air missiles, and the air force has decided to deploy the Northrop Grumman EA-6B Prowler to jam the enemy radar systems, as the Panavia Tornado jets strike the enemy SAM sites and radar installations with its Air Launched Anti-Radiation Missiles, as the rest of our air force is being redeployed to enforce the no fly zone over the north using high altitude patrols and radar sweeps.

In the meanwhile there are also rumors that the government intends to launch a full scale offensive into the mountains to take out the separatists, using helicopters and special forces after the anti-air capability of the enemy has been destroyed, but the military has adamantly denied this, stating they are nothing but gossip and nonsense.

And as Defense Minister Cushing always says:
"The reds may make a lot of noise in the beginning, but in the end it is always order and justice that will prevail"

We will keep you informed.

God bless you all.