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A Brief Introduction to LWU

Who are we?

We are Lone Wolves United. You may have heard of us.

Where are we?

You can find us here.
We also have offsite forums Linkhere.
And we have a discord room, Linkhere.

When are we?

We were founded in in 2005, which makes us one of the oldest still active regions in R/D, and the oldest raider region still around. This also makes us one of the oldest user created regions still active. We've been around.

What are we?

Mirabeau was alleged to have said that Prussia was an army with a country. You could imagine LWU as something similar. We are not a region with a military. Rather, we are a military with a region. To us the military is not a branch of the regional administration. The military IS the region. Since our founding, we have been raiders, we have always been raiders, and we will always be raiders.

Why are we?

To explain what the essence of LWU is, everything can be boiled down to a single word: Honour.

As our name suggests, we are lone wolves. We are individuals, each with different lives beyond the confines of NS. We are of different cultures and backgrounds from different parts of the world. We may have different views on life and other matters, and we may be leading very different lives. And yet, we are united. We respect the individuality of every single one of us, as long as we are united towards the same goal. Of being a highly professional raiding organisation.

This is also reflected in our leadership structure, or rather, lack thereof. Instead of going through bureaucracy and legislature, we have an open government. Leadership is based on seniority and military service. And anyone can rise to the top. Similarly, anyone who has any concerns or suggestions as to how to improve things are more than free to speak their word. This is why we have not experienced any major conflicts or schisms over all these years.

This is also reflected in our military recruitment policy. We place a high premium on skill and training. Because we believe that any member who joins us has a potential of being an excellent soldier and a valuable military asset. We ensure that any person who joins will receive sufficient and detailed training such that they understand what is going on and is able to respond to orders effectively. This is why we have managed to create and maintain a professional and well-maintained military.

We are always willing to respond to a call of reinforcements. If you raise the call, we will do our best to provide reinforcements. Because although we may have different strategies and aims, ultimately we are all on the side of raiding in the R/D dichotomy. As regions and organisations, we are all alone in pursuing our own policies. But as raiders, we are united to a certain extent.

We understand that natives have the right to maintain their region. We understand that they may not necessarily like their region to be raided. So beyond the necessary, such as replacing delegates and placing the RMB under occupation, we generally try not to interfere with the lives of the natives. On the scale of NS, we know that any raiding operation for a targeted region that is active will end someday, and in this case, our aim is usually not to destroy the region. We have no inherent desire to permanently take over a region. Once the operation is over, we hope that natives are able to rebuild their region.

Even though they are on the other side, we do not underestimate defenders. They may be "the enemy", but they can be worthy opponents. We need to keep that in mind. When they put up a good defense, that is something to be respected. A good job is a good job, regardless of which side you are on. Without defenders, R/D would be much more mundane. Indeed, a successful raid in the face of defender resistance makes the achievement more worthwhile. In the grand scale of things, we need to remember that NS is a browser game, and R/D is just a fraction of that. Defenders are just another facet of NS.

Above all, our aim is to further the art of raiding. To us, we value quality over quality. This is why we insist on professionalism. On a skilled and well-trained military that is capable of conducting operations rather than numbers alone. This is why we want to develop relationships with other raiding regions. This is why when we raid, we pay our due respects to the natives in our targeted regions and towards any defenders we may encounter. This is why we prioritise high-value targets over tagging multiple regions. Because to us, raiding is an artform. When done well, it is elegant, yet decisive. It shows the beauty of humanity. Of us individuals. Lone Wolves. Separated by our differences, both physical and mental. And yet, through the art of raiding, we can coordinate all us disparate individuals. United. To achieve our goals where success is measured in fractions of seconds.

How are we?

We are doing fine. As always. We have been around for over fifteen years, and hopefully we will continue to be. In some years, activity may be lower. In some years, activity may be higher. In the past, there may have been periods where you may not have heard from us much. Now, with our department of established extra-regional relations back to full activity, you'll probably hear from us much more. Yet we've always been around. On updates, you'll see us. And if things go well we'll continue to be around. As raiders, perfecting what we do. As individuals - Lone Wolves. United.