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First Three Weeks Plan (Elect Grey County WA Feb 2021)

First Three Weeks Plan
This is my spin on The traditional First hundred days plan but for a 4-month term, I have decided to go with a three-week plan to get my WA plans up and running as well as start off the term right. If you would like to see this happen the please considre Voting for Me.

Post Election Days
In the days after the election but before I formally take the position of WA Delegate I would immediately begin trying to 1. get people onto the WA Writing Committee as well as laying the groundwork for the endotarting program.

Week 1
After Formally taking the position my first week would include the first debates over proposals and my first WA recommendations. I would begin accepting rough drafts for the writing committee to view and I will continue to lay the framework of the endotarting program.
Week 2
In week 2 I would launch the endotarting program and promote it a bunch by emphasizing regional security, rewards and getting to see all WA nations in Thalassia. I would continue to iron out any kinks in the debate system as well as getting the writing committee into full force.

Week 3
In the final week of the first 3 weeks, I would begin the search for my Vice Delegate through an application process similar to the officer applications recently held. I would have our WA Debates system and endotarting fully up and running and would begin to transition into the maintaining of my programs phase which would emphasize maintaining participation in and knowledge of my initiatives.

Thank you for reading my Three Week Plan and I hope you will considre voting Grey County for WA Delegate.