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Statement on The End of The February Election

This election was quite an interesting one once again. Over the past 4 days, it went from ties to huge leads, and in the end, Scarlett was victorious. During this election, I was scrutinized for my actions in the SDU and I understand that this has caused a loss of trust. I promise that I will do my best to work with others to gain that trust. In addition, I have noticed that others have said that I have been aggressive, and I have never done my actions in a way to promote or act in this behavior. To stick by my campaign foundations, I will be getting the people of Europe involved in politics, and I want you to help me get started. Below is a link to a google form that you can fill out that asks you about problems and suggestions to recommend to me, and also how I can gain your trust/vote if not so. I hope that this will be used as a way to get you involved in my campaign, and I will use it as a tool to guide what I myself will focus on in the next election. So, if you think there is something you would like to get changed, or a problem you have noticed, please use this form to point that out to me, and I will do my best to get whatever brought up into my campaign. I hope that you all can use this form to give me advice and ideas to influence what I will be doing and running for. This will truly embody my message, of getting all Europeans big and small involved, so please take part. Once again, congratulations St Scarlett, and all the other candidates, see you soon in the election! Also, I would like to announce that this election will be the last time I will be running until August. I will be going on a big trip at the end of June, so in order to be present for affairs, this will be the last time I will be running until I come back from that trip. You can reach me in-game, or in discord at Walfo Discord Communications#2958 and the Europe Game Forum at to talk or share ideas.
Until then!

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