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GA "Repeal: "Fairness In Collective Bargaining"" Voting Overview


This proposal aims to repeal GA#530 for creating loopholes through easily-exploitable language and harming the rights of workers more than protecting them because of its language choices.



The Langburn Islands wrote:"This is an excellent, well written and much needed proposal which will protect the rights of all workers at work and provide for stronger legal protections for unions conducting organising activities. The Commonwealth of the Langburn Islands is delighted to support the proposal".

United States of Americanas wrote:On condition the replacement be drafted swiftly and placed on the calendar with due diligence I vote aye

Tepertopia wrote:The proposal raises some good points about the original resolution. As the author of Fairness in Collective Bargaining has voiced their support for this proposal and a replacement for the repeal target is nearing submission, I think it'd be safe to swap the target with a shiny new resolution that would fix the flaws pointed out in the proposal at hand.


Arvan Irawer wrote:Fairness in Collective Bargaining was and is a resolution I firmly believe in. Although I do agree that there are loopholes, there will always be loopholes in any resolution no matter who drafts it. I believe Fairness in Collective Bargaining is a strong resolution and should be kept.

Castle Federation wrote:This is an often considered bar of WA literature. How much specificity in meaning is too extreme, and then how much is too little. We aren't accustomed to 12 page long proposals that define every nook and cranny of definitions and stipulations, and I honestly would not like to see that as that level of legalism misses the central point of the GA which is to come together and agree on a principle which is moderately defined through some act of law. It is a person to person call, but I find this argument of repeal too far in the overly scrupulous direction.