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Rivogna for House of Commons; February-March 2021

Hello! I am Rivogna, and I am running for the House of Commons. Although I was in the House of Commons once, I am still quite unfamiliar with my surroundings, which is why I am running. I am running this round because I would like to learn from all of you. I want to take this opportunity to listen to you; to connect with you.
Despite being a relatively new person in the Thaecian government, I do have a few policies to advocate, such as:

  • A reduction of the House of Commons to about 11 seats. There should be no disagreements about this. If we have fewer seats for people to compete for, that increases the liveliness and competition of Thaecian elections. To ensure competition, and therefore maximum effort from politicians, we must reduce the House by any means necessary. By doing this, we could also be (almost) removing potential incompetence.

  • Keeping the Thaecian military. For the sake of our interests, we must keep the Thaecian military. The military is an engaging organization where we can bash the fash as we damn well, please. People have a right to have fun, you know? Not to mention how it generates activity for us.

  • Forming greater bonds with our foreign allies. In Prime Minister Bigtopia's administration, the Foreign Affairs team is pursuing more meaningful and useful bonds with our foreign allies. We must continue cooperating with our allies, such as preparing raiding operations, hosting late-night festivals, and doing many more activities together. Cooperation would be another step to make Thaecia even more lively and interesting.

To push these policies forward, I shall support my colleagues in any way possible whenever they write a bill that makes Thaecia better. I will also launch more campaigns to convince my colleagues to do the same. Thaecia is all that matters here; the point is that I shall help make Thaecia better in any way I can. I will cooperate with my colleagues and all of you to see what I can do. Thank you for reading. :)
People Endorsing Rivogna

If you wish to find out more about what I stand for, please give this dispatch a read. It has my answers to the questions asked on Tuesday's debate.

The Republic of Rivogna