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The Racist Peoples Armed Forces

Our Armed Forces

Our armed forces is made up of three branches:
- The Racist Peoples Army
- The Racist Air Force
- The Racist People's Navy

The Racist Peoples Army
As you may already know, the Racist Peoples Army is one of the best in the world, with great training and equipment and always there to maintain the safety of our people, both in and outside of our country.

The Racist Air Force
We currently have the most powerful and high tech aircraft in the world. We have top class pilots with years of experience who are always ready for a fight.

The Racist Peoples Navy
Our navy serves to defend our country no matter what, and the Racist Marines help with this. With top class ships, and even submarines, no one can get past them.

John Price,
Prime Minister and Supreme Military Commander of The United States of Racist Peoples.

Racist peoples