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Politics in View of Constitution

All of the people of The Republic of Great Middle is accepted freely to expresses his political or ideology point ov view in publicly. In People's Assembly, there are 3 Party based on the ideology
1. National People Party (NPP) with Meritocracy-Welfare Capitalism
2. Communist Commons Party (CCP) with Democracy-Communism
3. Liberal Progression Party (LPP) with Liberal-Capitalism

All party have to uphold unity, people welfare and solidarity even have different view of politics.
People's Election regularly held via online registered by ID-Chip for The Citizen of the Republic of Great Middle (age above 17 years old in election day) and regulated by National Election Commission, with uphold commitment value of election (directly, general, freely, secrecy, integrity, and fairly).

All type of the corruption, bribery, evil cooperation and nepotism in the body of The Republic of Great Middle National's Affair will be sentenced to lifetime-corporal punishment and seizure all of the actor's private assets without exception.