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4th Reich Troops

Foot Soldiers
the main soldiers and workforce of the Army are decently equipped with weapons such as AK-74s, AK-47, AKSUs, RPKs, RPDs, along with SKS and m59/66 and some are given a DMR and few given Saiga shotguns or KS their sidearms are a locally produced semi-auto pistol called the Makarovor a few who could get their hands on it the BG nr.5 weapons are customized individually everyone wears the ssh-68 helmet

Sapper Troopers
Sappers are the Engineers of the nation their job is to construct defense and lay mines and sometimes repair vehicles

Scouts make up a smaller portion of the Reich's army, as their main purpose in the Reich is to scout out enemy positions and find weaknesses. They are as well equipped as a normal soldier

These guys are a mystery among other troops since they don't know what they do but their main job is to sneak way far behind enemy lines and sabotage and massacre the enemy troops and cause mass-panic among the other troops and demoralized them they have access to special weapons such as a lightweight version of the PTRS and weapons used by the 6th Supernatural Army

officers have the most important role in the Reich's military as they enforce the law and protocol, punish those who break them, coordinate soldiers, and keep morale high. They are very well decorated, usually wearing trench coats, yet lack substantial armor. They are usually equipped with a BG Nr.5 and an AK.

Note-Every soldier wears an ssh-68 the only exception to this are stalkers who are given a pickelhaube made with a different material instead of leather


Specialized Troops
this might include special forces and others meant for specific duty or such

5879th Sturmtroops
5879th Sturmtroopers is the most dangerous unit and being a Sturmtrooper is a suicidal job in the Reich military their job is to fight the enemy first and head on before others arrive they achieve this by using overwhelming tactics combine with grenades and chemical weapons they equipped with armor with plates found on the Cruiser train and the use of attack dogs sent into battle to locate the enemy and kill them brutally. some are trained and given AAM gear so they can deal with any Flying mages. the rates of fatality and injury during training are high amongst Sturm recruits

all uniforms shown are all worn by the members of the 5879th and are designed to induced psychological warfare and demoralized the enemy


Sturmtrooper AAM equipment
this is specially designed for train sturmtroopers for AAM fighting this is meant make fly faster and while being lightweight all power source is located in the pack itself while HUD is in the user helmet. how it takes flight is by manipulating gravity

what a normal sturm trooper AAM fighter looks like

note other branches make use of the same armor in order to tell the difference they change the color scheme and add their emblems

6th Supernatural Army
the 6th Army is made up well battle harden veterans that were experimented on to protect themself from the powers of any supernatural being and to deal with anything supernatural because of this they are given special equipment and higher quality weapons to make their mission a success. their main job is to take down violent dangerous anomalies that pose as a high risk to Reich even though they praise such beings they know what safe and not safe and what needs to be eliminated and also eliminate high-value supernatural beings or entities. they also fight to the death and no mercy with enemy human soldiers fighting is like fighting a rock they just gonna hurt you real badly

Manpower-12,450 soldiers

6th Army soldier

because of their job they are given higher quality weapons that are light weighted and uses heavier caliber bullets

Specialized train troops wearing special design armor and carrying heavy weapons are one the main things feared by others.

Shocktroopers are the most daring troops they are sent to the very front of the battle and so are equipped with specially design armor from Wanta Inc. The Armor can stop about all pistol rounds and Rifle rounds no matter what type it is and can shrug off AT rounds. they are the most well respected among other troops for their bravery during the Unification wars and during firefights. but in order to do their jobs, they have their bodies modified so they can carry the heavy weaponry. main job is to Attack the Enemy with overwhelming force and heavy weapons and grenades

since they have been modified to use heavy weapons the exact are

Gatling Guns-heavy machine guns that can suppress the enemy but are required a lot of ammo the solution are special ammo fabricators attached to the back o the soldier it can fabricate ammo up for 48 hours where it has to cool down if it doesn't cool down it will fry the circuits and need to be sent back for repairs. many troops customized their Gatling guns with many different attachments from special devices to rotate the gun faster to more barrels

DSHK HMG-another HMG is the Russian DSHK its been modified so you can shoot it without the spades grips (just think of the m1919 but modified) it also uses a special ammo fabricator to sustain fire

Auto Shotgun- take a DSHK receiver and take a DSHK barrel re-calibrate it so it can shoot 12 gauge shells you got yourself an Automatic shotgun MG

Flamethrowers- if shock troopers equipped with flamethrowers are classified as Heavy Flamers these are used to either clear out a position or to burn stuff many variants are made by Wanta Inc but the model 2 being more seen the tank on their back have a shield around it to protect it from getting shot and exploding the metal used is the same used on the Cruiser also to protect from their own flames all shock troopers armor are fireproof


Troop's Uniform and Armor
images of Shocktroopers armor Variant 1 is the most used and seen while Variant 2 is used but mostly if they are using flamethrowers or heavy shotguns



"Flying Hell"-AAM motto

these troops are trained to deal with other Aerial mages they are equipped with packs that use gravity propulsion to fly and not magic. The training is the 2nd hardest first being sturmtrooper. They equipped with weapons specially design for AAM fighting and to make sure the enemy doesn't come back alive they are given APHE bullets

Mk.67 Plasma rifle


VK-47 Flatline