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Welcome to The Dark Carnival! [RELIGION]

The Dark Carnival - Religion

The Dark Carnival has always been highly based on religious beliefs of the ruler of the state, and the ones who follow him. It was never a hidden fact that The Dark Carnival cannot thrive without the supposed religion behind it, even though it may seem silly, and made up.

We here believe that anything can be a religion, as long as you make it one. However; every clown here celebrates the same things, and prays to the same God, this all started from the beginning on the state, and hasn't been changed since. A lot of people may want to change their religion in The Dark Carnival, but as soon as they do, they don't belong here. They are not a true clown.

The Dark Carnival's, seemingly dangerous religion, consists of 'Insanes' as we like to call them, and they all have their own ways of living their life to the fullest, however, the state regularly holds state meetings to pray to the God above and hope that one day, when we pass away, we will be able to get judged as we ride the Carousel.

This all started through insanity, joined insanity; and though many people would like to argue against the rich religion of The Dark Carnival, calling it a 'cult' instead of a religion, it is actually very beautiful and harmless.

People that seem to oppose the ideas and ideals of 'Insanes' tend to end the same way. They are either exiled forcefully by a large group, or they are executed. However, a lot of the time the 'Insanes' cannot wait for the execution, and end up committing murder, which explains the high murder rates.

Despite all of these things that may seem 'problematic' and 'in dire need of change', a lot of the citizens do not wish to change, as they have been living their entire life in this style, and we here in The Dark Carnival don't blame them.

There is nothing problematic or in need of change in The Dark Carnival, and the religious that it's been platformed upon will stay with it, as it always should.

HoNk :o)