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TRR Cards Giveaway - February 2021

[align=center][size=200][b]TRR Endorsement-Cards Giveaway[/b][/size][/align]

Hello all, and welcome to the February Endorsement Cards Giveaway. This program is designed to increase the number of endorsements on the delegate by setting out incentives to endorse [nation]Chimes[/nation]. If you have any enquiries or questions about this program, please Telegram either [nation]Agalaesia[/nation] or [nation]Visionary Union[/nation]. A Season Two Legendary card (specifically [url=]Ohmigodtheykilledkenny[/url]) will be given away on the 1. March and the winner will be decided using a random draw between people who are endorsing the World Assmebly delegate [nation=noflag]Chimes[/nation].

TL;DR: Endorse Chimes, get entered into draw to win shiny card.[/box]

[box][size=150][b]How To[/b][/size]

To enter this Card Giveaway, please endorse [nation]Chimes[/nation] by clicking on [url=], scroll down to the bottom and click the button that says "Endorse Chimes." If you are not signed up to the World Assembly, look at your sidebar, click on the button that says "World Assmebly," and then click on the "Apply to Join" button. Do not do this if you already have a world assembly nation that is currently in the World Assembly! Once you have done this, please go to your email inbox and click on the link, which will make your nation be part of the world assembly![/box]

[box][size=150][b]Some Other Details[/b][/size]

You have until February 28th to endorse Chimes. After that, we will decide who gets the card using a completely random draw. Good luck to everyone, and may the luckiest win![/box]