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The Separation and Unification of Nyrnein

The Separation of Nyrnein, 1945-1976. After WW2, The Federal Republic of Nyrnein was divided into two, West Nyrnein those who supported a absolute Monarchy and believed in a Regulated Economy, and East Nyrnein a Authoritarian Democracy that oppressed the people and supported a planned economy. West Nyrnein had a weaker military then East Nyrnein, but the people had more rights. Meanwhile in East Nyrnein they were a powerhouse of a military, but the people suffered a lot due to their rights being slowly stripped away, the people could only elect the leaders. Both West and East Nyrnein had crumbling Economies though West Nyrnein had a terrible economy due to the monarchy spending the profits on themselves alone, and East Nyrnein had a terrible economy because of them spending everything they had on Military. West and East Nyrnein didn't have any troubles for about 30 years, besides some brutal oppression of their citizens. Until 1975, a new movement began to take place in both countries, the Nyrneinian Unification Movement. The new movement was led by a fellow named Vlader Key. West Nyrnein was the first to go, due to their weak military the NUM were able to easily overpower and overthrow the monarchy, the Elective of Nyrnein was born 1975 November 17th. East Nyrnein began to negotiate for possible unification, although they didn't like the idea of a new economic ideology, and their parties losing power. But as NUM protests and riots became more frequent, East Nyrnein held a public vote for unification with West Nyrnein, now the Elective of Nyrnein. The vote was overwhelming 98% for unification. February 20th, 1976 the Elective Union of Nyrnein is born, the NUM became Democratic Socialist party, and the one party of East Nyrnein became two parties, the Conservative Party the majority of them, and the Social Democrat which agreed with a more progressive approach.