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Membership of San Serra / Treaty of Red 1st draft

this document is made to be signed by the nation of San Serra, this will make the state join the unity as a member nation, the unity will pay for damage caused by the war along with fixing damage to San Serran Ecology.

The unity was formed soon after the age of fire the being known as the leviathan of the southern sea and the crustacean of the north made a deal to split the world in two.

The unity was a reaction to this being a moderate faction in thanks to Valsora, a union of old races, such as The Cats, Evolved. Acenti, Grougasuntai, and Mekan. It is noted that the Acenti have died out, and the Grougasuntai are now dormant, the two have been replaced by the Advent, and an angel of some kind. Any data to be found about the so-called angel is above the realm of memetic access for none mekan

After the joining of the ghosts, a deal was made with the crustacean and leviathan to join the unity, as part of the evolved, which oddly was accepted however the tide of conflict continues.

The rules of the constitution are simple

1.The goal of all orders is to survive, this is an instinct, forfeiting this instinct is asking for death

2.The world gave us a home and for that, we will protect her children, these are Humans and Advent, along with protecting the world itself

3.To leave the unity it takes a being of the purest intention and cause to cause it


5.Upon the joining of a state a new rule must be added that does not disagree with other rules

6.We must roll to the future whatever the void will bring

7.An objective for each member group is to provide a advancement to the larger unity each monthly meeting*(aa4)

8.The bio-domes are to be partly maintained by both biological computers and mechanical computers, in case one fails*(aa3)

9.Each member state are singular, rules can not be enforced by other members using the combined military, however fighting between orders is commonplace

10.Killing of a group for the sake of the group being of an Order, State, Ideology, or Religion will not be tolerated by the unity*(aa1)

11.The crown will only be activated if a dark age is not present, otherwise the laws of the unity are not in play*(aa2)

aa1: this is true except against ideologies that call for genocide, as the old saying goes what comes around goes around.
aa2: this does not affect rule 2,4, and 8 and the combined military is suspended during the dark ages
aa3: does not affect those who do not have bio-domes
aa4: not in effect for the first three years of involvement

There are a few laws that are implemented by the unity (only major ones affect new members until one hundred years of membership)

Act of Commutative Protection

20-50% of each member nationís military community shall be used by a combined army for the sole purpose of protecting member nations, the amount of used by the unity decreases over 30 years, to a minimum of 20%

Act of Secret Protection

This act protects influence from outside forces seeping into member nations, with a commutative anti-spying group that is assigned to protect member groups of the unity. The members are not to be named, for the reason of classification. They are not above the law, however they are allowed to commit crimes in cases of no return.

Act of International Alliances

In cases of a defensive alliance made before joining the unity are allowed to stay with the full support of the military community, the only case where negotiations are not allowed are the humanists and nations that show clear anti-unity sentiment

Act of Scientific agreement

The Act creates a combined community of scientific research where research is shared with other orders and states.