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The Harmonic Organisation for Regional Strengthening & Enhancement Party

The Harmonic Organisation for Regional Strengthening & Enhancement Party

The Civil Congress existed before the Imperial Senate, and like it, it was once plagued with amateurs, incompetence, and politicking over the well being of the Confederation as a whole. And history seems to be repeating with this version of a Confederation Legislative Body. Thus, those with knowledge of a problem should of course, teach others the solution if said problems pop up again.

And with the formation of the Imperial Senate, those problems have popped up again and are in need of being fixed. The Harmonic Organisation for Regional Strengthening & Enhancement Party (HORSE-P) was thus founded, primarily with MineLegoEquestrian backing, in order to develop the Imperial Senate. With the obvious flaws of the IPP and NAP of being too invested in party politics, somebody has to take up the task of teaching new Senators on the guides of writing proper legislation, motions, & responses. It is quite shameful that the foreign talking horse f*ckers and catbirds are doing the teaching and proper criticising rather than the Senators of the Confederation itself.

Thus, HORSE-P is more than willing to help across party lines. Any Senator from any party would not be blocked from entering the LinkOfficial Party Building. The Local Pizza Hut Organisation's building may be small compared to other parties, but is more than enough for the Organisation's needs. With a build-in bakery, a lot of tables, an expansive underground section, and good wifi, the organisation doesn't require anything too fancy to help the Confederation as a whole. 573 Bureaucrats - mainly from Senator Tailspin's Commission of Statisticians with Too Much Time - are stationed within this abandoned building respectable establishment.

HORSE-P Headquarters

The main values of HORSE are based around Harmony. Us bickering would provide nothing, but constructive criticism is the only way forward. No more bickering, no more parroting of party-approved lines, and no more partisanship. Just one Senate of individuals working together for the betterment of the Confederation, and their nations as a whole.

It is imperative to the continuation of the Confederation as a whole that we reject party-based bickering and instead transition over to legislation-based bickering where our brain cells could be used in more productive matters rather than constantly shaming other parties. Let us focus on insulting each other's terrible legislation rather than each other's terrible party. That way, we might actually learn something from those insults.

In Nomine Harmony
Hail the Confederation!

HORSE-P holds a variety of values, but the main policies of the Organisation are as so,

  • Well Written and Comprehensive Legislation (WWCL);

  • Maintaining Awareness of Regional Integrity (MARI);

  • Maintaining Cooperation Cross Party Lines (MCCPL) &

  • Raising Attentiveness of Participants (RAP).

Member Name


Senator Tailspin (MineLegotipony)


573 Organisation Bureaucrats


Want to join? Well it's quite simple!
  • Make sure you are registered within the Senate with HMS NHS, and in the World Assembly

  • Telegram MineLegotipony with your Senator's name and reason of joining

  • Ta-Da! In 1 to 3 business days you'll be in the party! It's that simple

*Sponsored by Senator Tailspin's richer uncle, Imperialaide Zugzwang.
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