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UAN Proposal Guidelines

United Assembly of Nations Proposal Guidelines
المبادئ التوجيهية لاقتراح جمعية الأمم المتحدة | 联合国提案指南 | Directives de proposition de l'Assemblée des Nations Unies
Richtlinien für Vorschläge der Vereinten Nationen | Κατευθυντήριες γραμμές προτάσεων της Συνέλευσης των Ηνωμένων Εθνών | 国連総会提案ガイドライン
유엔 총회 제안 지침 | Руководящие принципы предложения Организации Объединенных Наций | Directrices para propuestas de la Asamblea de Naciones Unidas

Hello, and welcome, to the United Assembly of Nations Proposal Guidelines page! If you're here, you must want to propose a movement to the United Assembly of Nations. To keep track of proposals and to make sure each one is easy to read, a few guidelines are put into place. The first area you must pay attention to, however, is the heading of the proposal. Here, a few things are needed.

Heading Guidelines

Proposal Code

The first thing to put in the heading is the proposal code. This is to allow those in the roleplay to quickly search up the proposal on the regional message board, or RMB. A proposal code will look like the following: JAN01-2021-GEO-01.

It may seem a bit confusing, so let's break it down. The first 5 characters of the code can be separated into two things. JAN refers to the first three letters of the IRL month in which the proposal is submitted, in this example, January is used. 01 refers to the IRL day that the proposal is submitted. This would mean that the example was proposed on January 1st. The next section, or next four characters, is the IRL year in which the proposal was submitted. 2021 means that the example was proposed on January 1st, 2021.

The last five digits refer to who is submitting the proposal and which proposal it is. GEO refers to the country (in this case, GEO refers to Geopolity) that is submitting the proposal. Each nation has a three letter code that will be listed in this guidelines page. 01 refers to the number of the proposal being submitted. If the proposal is your sixteenth, then the number would be 16.

Putting it all together, the example would basically read that on January 1st of 2021, Geopolity submitted their first proposal to the United Assembly of Nations.

Proposal Name, Nation Name, and Ambassador Name

Right under the proposal code will be listed the proposal name. This should be a short title for the request. An example would be: Request for UAN Meeting.

Under this, would be the name of the nation that is submitting the proposal. Please use the formal name of your nation. An example would be: The Dominion of Geopolity.

Under that, would be the name of your nation's representative to the United Assembly of Nations. An example of this would be: John Doe.

Once you've typed all that, the heading should look like:

Request for UAN Meeting
The Dominion of Geopolity
Representative John Doe

Now that you have your heading done, you can move on to the body of your proposal!

Body of Proposal Guidelines

Proposal Explanation

The body of the proposal should explain what it is that you're proposing in detail, and the reasons why. While you are asked to be specific and detailed, it is asked that you only stick to the subject of the proposal. Proposing something, but not listing reasons specific to the proposal subject itself may result in the proposal being dismissed. For reasonings, it is best to have more than one, though the minimum is one reason. The more reasons presented, the greater the chance of the proposal being met on. The reasonings should be listed with the list function.

Requests (If Applicable)

The body of the proposal can also be used to request reparations or items from a certain nation, or nations in question. This will also be listed in a list format. Each specific item such as money, specific resources, and other items should have their own bullet point. Requests can also be made to bar a nation from certain waters or certain actions for a period of time. Even though proposals will have specific times and requests mentioned, they will be voted on by the United Assembly of Nations (unless a treaty is signed without the UAN).

Proposal Closing Guidelines

If you wish to provide a conclusion to the proposal, you can provide a summary of the body of the proposal. You do not have to list specific requests in the summary as they were mentioned in the Requests portion of the proposal. The closing summary is for those to read who wish to have a quick overview of what is being proposed before it is moved to a vote. While this is appreciated, the closing is NOT required.

Other Guidelines

The following are a few guidelines that aren't specific to one section of the proposal:

  • The proposal must be typed in English.

  • The proposal must not feature insults or profanity

  • The proposal must not feature xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, or sexist words or phrases

Now that you have that all done, you're ready to type up a proposal!

Proposal Example
Request for UAN Meeting
The Dominion of Geopolity
Representative John Doe

The Dominion of Geopolity wishes to request a meeting of the United Assembly of Nations for the following reasons:

  • To meet on current world affairs

  • To discuss current world challenges such as climate change

[Requests (If Applicable)] <----- This part is only needed if requests are to be made

Nation Code List

Nation Name


Republic of Krogis


The Brotherly Union Between Sweden, Norway and Denmark (Scandinavia)


Empire of Labyrnna


United Kingdom of Orange-Bourgogne


Confederacy of Badeuria


German Democratic Republic


Republic of Galilead


Danubian Socialist Confederation


Theocracy of the Holy Roman Republic


People's Democratic-Republic of Infernia


Principality of Romanovskaya


Union of Soviet Socialist Republics


The Hellenes League


The Democratic-Republic of North Hellenes


Ural Democratic Republic


Republic of Dhan


Marathan Confederacy


Far Eastern Union of Soviet Socialist Republics


Cantonese State


Republic of Duma


The Confederation of Indochinese States


Federal Republic of Eulumia


The Arab-African Republic of Egypt


Socialist Republic of Furstia


Imperial Federation of Infiny


Federal Kingdom of Tumolia




United States of America


Central American Federation


Union of Aozhou