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Ministries of the Imperial Dominion

Ministry of Justice and Order: Headed by the Supreme Court the Ministry of Justice is responsible for court procedure, allocation of court resources, and investigating possible corruption inside of the courts as well as all other government institutions.

Ministry of the Interior: The Ministry of the Interior is responsible for the enforcement of imperial law and procedures that Imperial Enforcers are held too.

Ministry of War: The Ministry of War is in charge of all military affairs through out the empire, executes the orders of the Emperor in the capacity of the Commander in Chief, and advising the Emperor on possible strategies for the situations that he could sign off on.

Ministry of Infrastructure: The Ministry of Infrastructure is responsible for managing and maintaining methods of transportation, providing power and water to peoples homes and businesses.

Ministry of Family Affairs: The Ministry of Family Affairs is responsible for investigating reports of abuse against spouses and their children, setting the standards of future parents, and coming up with the tests of individuals and couples who are looking to become parents so they can get their parenting licenses.

Ministry of Agriculture: The Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for the transportation of farmed goods, pricing, and registering harvested crop values, and animal products.

Ministry of Education: The Ministry of Education is responsible for the managing and maintaining of schools through out the empire, setting the standards that school faculty must operate, and setting the curriculum that the students must be taught.

Ministry of Propaganda: The Ministry of Propaganda is charged with making pieces reminding Imperial citizens of the empire's greatness and encouraging military service with PSA's showing them the honor that comes with being a member of the Imperial Military.