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Broken Crowns: "The Angel Boy" - Part 1

"Broken Crowns" is a collection of stories that tells the journeys of 5 kids who become rulers. These stories will be posted daily (no promises) under the Account labeled "Broken Crowns: 'STORY' - Part []". This is "The Angle Boy" - Part 1. Enjoy.

This story takes place high above the clouds in the world of Celaritus

There once was a boy, named Rolland, whom some compared to a angel. He was white, with short brown hair and blue eyes. He followed the rules like they defined him (cause he thought they did), gave his parents respect as if they were gods, and knew all good morals as he knew how to walk.

Time and time again people would try to make him do bad and horrible things but he never would, probably even at the expense of his own life. When they would ask why, he would always give them the same answer; "I was raised this way". Although that wasn't a lie, as he wouldn't dare lie to anyone, his parents were mostly out on the town doing who knows what. All his life he went by the same rules; be nice to everyone, no matter how bad, always tell the truth, and never want anything materialistic. But there was an exception for the last one; the crown. All he wanted was happiness, and a beautiful white crown, which currently sits on a more beautiful white throne, which also sits in an even more beautiful white castle. And he wasn't far from it, as his father was King. Rolland's only worry was that his father was going to give it to Rolland's sister, Lila, who was quite the opposite of him, she somehow always get in to some sort of predicament. Oh, and he has one more rule, that not only applies to him, but to the whole Kingdom; never, EVER, go to the world of Polistis

The Kingdom of Thanianberg