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GA "Supporting People With Disabilities" Voting Overview


This proposal aims to support people with disabilities by minimizing discrimination and aiding them with their day-to-day life through services such as assistive technologies.



Vivolkha wrote:As somebody who helped this draft in its initial stages, I would like to reiterate my support. It is nice to finally see it to vote.

Sapientiano wrote:It is the responsibility of any compassionate society to provide aid to those with a disability and to treat them with dignity and respect. This proposal provides a framework in which to implement such reforms.

Neazland wrote:People with disabilities should not be abused or given a disadvantage for life just because of what they are born like. Supporting this proposal is for good civil rights and no prejudice.


Shamian wrote:I'm sorry, but there is no way I can support this, based on IRL experience/observations of later stage dementia patient care (vascular dementia in this case, but the prognosis is the same for most forms of the disease).

As written, and as another party had already highlighted, Part 2d of this proposal would make it unlawful to detain someone solely for their own protection, in circumstances where they are a danger to only themselves rather than a danger to others.

This is a problem, as most advanced dementia patients are not a danger to others, but often are to themselves; due to their short term memory issues and mental faculty degradation, they often display an inability to remember to feed themselves or look after themselves properly - despite often protesting otherwise.

As a result, this proposal actually makes it illegal to provide the necessary care for those with advanced dementia; as the disease progresses, it gets to the point where care in the community is no longer possible - at which point care generally involves involuntary residence in a specialised hospice facility.

Thankfully NS isn't real life, as if it were then I'm afraid that this proposal would endanger the wellbeing of a proportion of those it claims to support, as removal of this care framework would result in unnecessary deaths.