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SC Recommendation Archive: Vote AGAINST 'Condemn Lily' | OWL


'Condemn Lily'

Background Information

Proposal title: 'Condemn Lily'
Author: Aredita
Purpose: To condemn the military organization Lily for its frequent "tagging" (seizing a region's delegacy and putting advertisements for themselves on its World Factbook Entry).


Vote .Against.

The Office's Analysis

While a condemnation of the notorious tag raiding organization Lily is certainly a matter worth looking into for the Security Council, the at-vote resolution "Condemn Lily" falls considerably short of usual SC resolution standards. Contradictions within it (such as lamenting Lily's detagging) greatly drag down its quality, which already suffers from the only occasional use of more detailed information ‒ consequently failing to make a strong enough case to justify a condemnation. As evident from the typos and grammatical errors scattered throughout the proposal, it was clearly rushed to vote without extensive drafting, likely in an attempt to receive more support by trying to jump on the bandwagon of recent public outrage over Lily's involvement in the raiding of The Embassy. Thus, OWL recommends a vote AGAINST the at-vote resolution, "Condemn Lily".

Supplementary Opinions


From TSP Citizens

Unojo is a Citizen of the South Pacific.

Unojo wrote:Lily has cross the line, invading a neutral region.

From the World

The Python is the founder of The Snakes and a member of OWL Junior Staff. They argued on the NS forums:

The Python wrote:Support - if people feel it's low quality it could always be replaced but I even feel that it's pretty good quality

Fauzjhia is a Citizen of the North Pacific. On TNP's forums, they posted:

Fauzjhia wrote:FOR

that raid was inacceptable.
Lilly must be condemned


From TSP Citizens

Tepertopia is a Deputy Chair of the South Pacific and the Director of OWL.

Tepertopia wrote:"LIly" (clause iv.) may be worthy of a condemnation, but I think they'd deserve better than this proposal ‒ it's constantly contradicting itself, mentioning Lily detagging (which is the activity of cleaning up a tagged region and restoring its original state) as reason for condemnation, or saying its operations are executed with "minimal effort" (something that wouldn't be worthy of the full Security Council's attention, then). Additionally, the writing generally isn't at a minimum level that would be expected of a SC resolution (also owing to the spelling, grammatical, and punctuation mistakes it currently contains).

Purple Hyacinth is the Chair of the South Pacific and a member of OWL Senior Staff.

Purple Hyacinth wrote:Lily is an organization that has done a lot of impressive things, and in my opinion is C/C-able. However, this proposal is simply too poorly written for me to be in favor. Here are a few indications of poor writing:

1) Silly grammatical errors and typos. For example, using "LIly" instead of "Lily".
2) Incorrect use of sentences. Resolutions are generally written as one long run-on sentence. This, however, is written as many sentences.
3) Lack of use of preambulatory phrases. They do have one: "Noting". But the rest of the proposal is written as statements, not as "Noting that x" or "Recalling that y" or similar clauses.
4) Not enough research. This is perhaps the most important point of mine. The author has frequently ignored suggestions made in the drafting thread. For example, they used the vague phrase "At one point" instead of specifying exactly when Lily had tagged 40% of taggable regions.

From the World

HumanSanity is the Delegate of 10000 Islands. On XKI's forums, they argued:

HumanSanity wrote:I'm opposed for two reasons:

1. I am generally opposed to Condemnations for raiding activities. Some would argue Lily is independent, so maybe this is an exception. While Lily does do liberations from time to time, they definitely still seek the notoriety of a Condemnation and the entirety of this Condemn is recognizing raiding actions, which have also been an overwhelming majority of Lily's r/d portfolio lately.

2. This draft is quite bad.

The Unified Missourtama States is a SC author and the WA Minister of South Pacific. The following was posted by them on the NS forums:

The Unified Missourtama States wrote:I mean, sure, yeah, condemn Lily, but this draft is far too conversational, I can't say it maintains the great reverence and respect with which a resolution should be treated, especially for an organization as successful as Lily.

Chimes is the Delegate of the Rejected Realms. They stated on TRR's forums:

Chimes wrote:Strong Opposed. Badly written and some of the clauses are incredibly questionable.