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Ideology of The Imperatum

Ideology of The Imperatum
Published By The Department of Truth

"You are nothing"

Neu-Totalitarismus (New-Totalitarianism), is a combination of the teachings or Friedrich Neumann and Viktor Arcen. The ideology explains that the state is the almighty authority, corporations and corporate leaders (Herr's) are subjects of the state, and average citizens (Prole's) were made by Krëig to serve these two entities. The state leads a nation to glory and victory, therefore it should be held in the highest regards. Corporations stimulate the economy and should be welcome inside the nation, but only if they submit to the state and the Kaiserin. Otherwise, they should be cast out from the nation. Proles are simply workers created to serve in "undesirable" positions. The only thing lower than proles are the "Diener's" (Slaves). They are the legal property of another person, their existence is meaningless and their only use is to be servants to the upper-class. In the Imperatum, all citizens of different social classes are branded as such. Government officials wear armbands with the Imperial Hawk and stars branded on them. Herr's wear armbands with a various amount of stars and lines depending on their worth to the state. Prole's wear armbands with lines on them depending on their worth to the state or corporations. Diener's wear no armbands and are instead given numbers on their clothing. Neu-Totalitarismus also states the different social classes should be divided by their class in all areas such as housing, public utilities, clothing, and rights. Government officials are all ordained with their own villa's branded with the officials last name. Herr's buy their own homes, but they must register this with the state. Prole's are given small houses/apartments by the state or corporations depending on which one they work for. Diener's live in their masters house, and are usually given a cabin to share with others of their social class. The state should have surveillance over every individual within the nation. Using cameras, drones, and people, the Imperatum is able to keep watch on every person within the nation. Democracy is the enemy of the people and the bane of imperialism. Thus, it should be outlawed. Diener's and Prole's don't have civil rights other than the right to reproduce. Herr's have more rights, but not many. Most prominently the right to speech, assembly, and religion. Government officials have many rights, more prominently upper-tier officials. Viktor Arcen is partnered with Nikolai Alkröph, a relationship such as this would be illegal for anyone else. Alcohol is only permitted to be drunk by Government officials, Herr's and some upper-tier Prole's. The internet is not permitted for anyone but Government officials and upper-tier Herr's. Neu-Totalitarismus runs deep within the veins of the Imperatum, the ideology will live on for millennia and millennia more.