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The Hyrkanian Civil War

In late February, 2021, East Hyrkania declared war on West Hyrkania, intending to re-unite Blessed Hyrkania. East Hyrkanian regiments swarmed across the border after a tremendous artillery barrage, followed by extensive bombing. At first the West Hyrkanians were taken by surprise, and many of their forward positions were overrun.

But, the West Hyrkanians resolve was not so easily broken. They counter-attacked with elite troops trained in urban warfare, making extensive use of flamethrowers and heavy weaponry. Gradually these counter-attacks were fended off, but the East Hyrkanian progress had also halted. Within a few days, the front had turned into a stalemate.

But this was not to last. The nation of Thialrer, opposed to East Hyrkania because of its militant religiousness, launched a sudden bombing campaign. Yet the bombs dropped that day were no ordinary explosives, but bioweapons designed to spread a fast acting bacteria through enemy forces. It killed it's victims quickly, increasing its effectiveness but ensuring that it would spread out of control. This bacteria decimated the East Hyrkanian forces, and more importantly, crippled their morale.

This was also followed by an invasion by Thialrer from the coast. This invasion, supported by extensive use of chemical weaponry in the form of nerve gas, swept through the East Hyrkanian colonies into the rear of the East Hyrkanian lines. At the same time, the West Hyrkanians unleashed WMD's bought from Khazar Lechia onto East Hyrkanian positions.

With these two assaults, the East Hyrkanian forces crumbled. Pockets of resistance remained fighting for days, but they could not hope to withstand the combined might of Thialrer and West Hyrkania, and at last, East Hyrkania was defeated.

Many East Hyrkanian radicals escaped, using the winding catacombs below Asratu to disappear. Yet more who were in other countries began to lie low, melding into the local populace.

Nemeq and Asium are presumed dead, but their remains were never found...

After East Hyrkania's defeat, Hyrkania was converted into an Enochite nation (as West Hyrkania had been), but the theocracy that had ruled Asratu for centuries was dismantled, instead transformed into a secular one-party republic.