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Folklore of Nhoor

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The Well of Custu̦rdo

In the mountains near the road between de towns of Sonws and Phezuch, in the province of Western Ta̦rleqh, there is a village called Custu̦rdo; it has been abandoned since before 1900, because nobody dares to come in the vicinity of its well.

The story goes that a local shepherd girl attracted the attention of the blacksmith’s son, who desired to marry her. Whereas she however was very beautiful, he was not quite so, and not having any other wealth of his own, his prospects of the girl’s parents accepting him as the husband of their daughter’s were far from excellent.

One day, his friends told him that the girl had mentioned that she cared for him and that she would not oppose marrying him. He went to the town and with the last of his money purchased a gemstone. Upon his return, he asked his father to create a ring to fit around the stone. He was told the girl was herding her sheep near the village well so thither he went, and on his knees asked her to marry him.

But the girl knew not of the intentions of the blacksmith’s son, as what his friends had told him was a just prank, and she refused. Disappointed and upset, he returned to the village where he found that many people were aware of his recent misfortune.

That night, he returned to the well and jumped in with a heavy stone around his neck.

In the weeks that followed, mysterious accidents started to happen to the villagers who laughed. At first, some more people fell in the well and drowned but soon the events spread further than its direct vicinity. It is said that one man slipped and drowned while fishing at the brook, a woman choked and died while she drank water, a third drowned while taking a bath, and the blacksmith’s son’s friends, who pulled the prank on him, were beaten to death by an unnaturally strong rain shower that also destroyed a large part of the village. Many left the village and the ones who stayed either died as well or were chased away as strange things continued to happen. Within one year, the village was empty.

Rumours that approaching the village and especially its well will cause certain death slowly established in the region. Years later, reports of people going missing in the area are not followed up by the police and one neighbouring village even barricaded the road to Custu̦rdo.