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GA Recommendation Archive: Vote FOR 'Supporting People with Disabilities' | OWL


'Supporting People with Disabilities'

Background Information

Proposal title: 'Supporting People with Disabilities'
Author: Free Las Pinas
Purpose: To ensure adequate access to support for people with disabilities (e.g. in housing or education), as well as general freedom from discrimination, in law and in practice.


Vote .For.

The Office's Analysis

"Supporting People with Disabilities" lays out steps nations should take to ensure that people with disabilities do not face discrimination. This at-vote resolution would be an important step towards reducing the discrimination that many people with disabilities face. For example, it mandates that employers cannot discriminate against employees with disabilities by giving them worse conditions or income than non-disabled people. It also pushes, though does not mandate, member nations to counter discrimination through measures such as ensuring that a positive stance on disability is maintained in mainstream media. While there may be some concerns based on the cost to nations or language, the proposal is largely well-written and has appropriate mandates that are not too overreaching or too weak. Thus, OWL recommends a vote FOR the at-vote resolution, "Supporting People with Disabilities".

Supplementary Opinions


From TSP Citizens

Neazland is a Citizen of the South Pacific.

Neazland wrote:People with disabilities should not be abused or given a disadvantage for life just because of what they are born like. Supporting this proposal is for good civil rights and no prejudice.

Greater Scottdascoda is a Citizen of the South Pacific.

Greater Scottdascoda wrote:An easy "For" as people with disabilities should have access to support and services relevant to their disability and should not be discriminated or disadvantaged because of their physical or mental impairment.

Sapientiano is a Citizen of the South Pacific.

Sapientiano wrote:It is the responsibility of any compassionate society to provide aid to those with a disability and to treat them with dignity and respect. This proposal provides a framework in which to implement such reforms.

From the World

Vivolkha is a resident of 10000 Islands. They posted the following on the NS forums:

Vivolkha wrote:Short and effective, this gets my support.

Castle Federation is a Citizen of The North Pacific. They posted the following on TNP's forums:

Castle Federation wrote:I do wish that proposals would stop using language of modern critical theory in framing its proposals, but once again the good of the proposal outweighs my dislike for the language. Not everything has to be framed in terms of expressing rights or the oppressed / oppressor dichotomy. We can treat people with disabilities correctly and enshrine that protection in law simply because of their inherent dignity as a human being. Regardless: For

Bobberino is a Citizen of The North Pacific. They posted the following on TNP's forums:

Bobberino wrote:This particular proposal is done well, and as such, deserves to pass. However one can disagree in principle, or there can be legislation of this manner done poorly... There are a myriad of reasons that otherwise benign or good-natured GA proposals would be voted down. Don't vote for something because of a flowery or far-reaching goal set, even if it appeals to you on a personal level. Use a critical eye for this kind of stuff. Just my two cents from a veteran :)


From TSP Citizens

At the time of writing, OWL had not found a solid opinion against the resolution from TSP citizens. You can make your own opinion heard by posting it on the Regional Message Board of the WA Voting Center!

From the World

Simone Republic is a Citizen of The North Pacific. They posted the following on TNP's forums:

Simone Republic wrote:Against. (2)(1) may be too expensive for developing nations.

Old Hope is a resident of Forest. They posted the following on the NS forums:

Old Hope wrote:Uh, no please not. Reasonable discrimination on the grounds of disability is fine.